What Is iRespo?

iRespo is an EOS blockchain-based platform that seeks to build real world applications that will enable its users to share and verify their opinions while retaining control of their data. Furthermore, iRespo will create an ecosystem that will encourage users to participate in polls and surveys by incentivizing them using tokens.

iRespo aims at eliminating the decentralization currently faced in conducting polls and surveys whereby only the organizers benefits and they only benefit once since they cannot share the information with other organizations.

To achieve this objective, the platform will develop a live online and survey application that aims at becoming a decentralized marketplace for a wide range of polls, surveys and voting results. The marketplace will benefit both the organizers and participants and will be a tokenized economy built around the data.

In addition to decentralization, iRespo will reduce the costs that businesses incur during polls and surveys carried out annually in efforts to acquire feedback from their customers and potential clients. To achieve this, iRespo will tokenize the poll and survey through the implementation of blockchain technology whereby both the both the organization and participants can earn.

How iRespo EOS Blockchain Polls & Surveys Project Works

The platform’s ecosystem composes of organizers, participants, and users such as analysis who will be the owners of the information collected during the polls. The role of the organizer is creating the survey, questions, and answers and locating the appropriate audience for the survey.

The participants will provide answers, which will be the final data. The organizer then decides if the data will be publicly shared. If the organizer decides to share the data, they can set prices required to access the data.

A user can only view the questions of the survey. However if they want to access the results of the survey they will have to make a payment that is split between the platform, the organizers and the participants. Smart contracts implement the transactions to ensure transparency and that all the data is utilized. Similarly, credibility is ensured through storing the Cryptographic fingerprints of the data on the blockchain.

The main method of payment for the services on the platform is through the iRespo token. Additionally, the tokens will be a means for iRespo, organizers, participants, and users to access the poll and survey data on the platform.

iRespo Benefits


Both the organizers and participants create the survey or information of the poll using the solutions provided by the platform they both retain ownership and have the opportunity to benefit from the data.

New Revenue Stream

Organizers can generate revenue through the platform since users have to pay a specified amount of tokens or fiat currency to access the organizers data. Participants can also earn tokens through participating in voting or by charging access fees to users.

Additional Benefits

The platform is highly scalable with up to 100.000 votes per minute, it offers organizers with real time results, and it has a flexible creator interface.

iRespo Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: iRespo token
  • Token Protocol: EOS
  • Token sale period: Aug 1st 2018 – Aug 22nd 2018
  • Token supply: 120,000,000
  • Token supply during ICO: 80,000,000
  • Token price during ICO: $0.15 USD
  • ICO Hard Cap: $12,000,000 USD

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