What Is Iris.AI Project Aiur?

The Project Aiur by Iris.Ai is a blockchain project which was created to democratize science by using the blockchain technology. The creators of this project believe that the scientific industry has become increasingly oligopolistic as it is a very lucrative industry. Because of this, in the name of Science, a revolution is needed and Project Aiur, its creators believe, might be the answer (or at least help).

This project was intended to bring scientists, scientific societies, R&D departments, universities and students together. By using the blockchain, the creators plan to incentive the making of new structures that will enable Science to be made without interference from these oligopolies to create and share more human knowledge.

With the blockchain and artificial intelligence, Project Aiur hopes to create this bridge that society needs so much right now.

Project Aiur Blockchain Scientific Research Objectives & Goals

This project intends to help in many problems, one of them being the information overload that we currently have. Since there is a gigantic amount of scientific knowledge being created right now, no human mind would be able to cope with it and this can cause a serious problem in the future if it is not managed right now.

By using the blockchain technology, Project Aiur hopes to assist the humanity in navigation through all this knowledge and to use it better. Organization is a necessity if you are in this area. The company intends even to create a machine for hypothesis extraction, validation and to even create new hypothesis in the future.

Another huge problem are the access barriers that one can find to publish scientific content, as traditional publishers have an unhealthy relationship with economic actors who are not necessarily that interested in good Science. This could be solved by strengthening an international movement to alter this business model and finance research.

Poor reproducibility is another challenge because some content is behind gatekeepers, it is hard to actually validate knowledge and there is no public scrutiny good enough at the moment. To help in this and in more, one of the goals of the company is to overcome the problem with search engines for scientific content by creating a system that does not only uses citations and keywords to look for relevant work.

Finally, there is the incentives question. Many researchers are forced to deliver their work in a tight schedule and a system of perverse incentives is created by being financed by certain institutions which want certain results. Aiur, on the other hand, you will pay tokens even for failed results in works to increase the chances of the researchers being sincere about their work.

Project Aiur Token ICO Details

In order to fund the development of the project, the company is having an Initial Coin Offering. The ICO will be held in May and it intends to raise 10 million EUR. 75% will go to the development of the project and 25% for planning and execution of the ICO.

Project Aiur Tokens

The AIUR tokens are functional tokens that use a proof-of-human-work design. You can use it to buy a product from the network or exchange it. The tokens are not designed for speculators, but for long term holders.

These tokens will be sold as a way to fund the project and as a currency to buy goods and services. They will also be the form of payment that will be used for the people who will help this network to become something better. This means that researchers and editors will be paid in this currency for helping the site.

Iris.AI Project Aiur Conclusion

This is an exciting project if you like Science. The scientific field is, indeed, in a dire need or organization and help and this project can aid in this process. Because of this, feel free to participate in the ICO if you want to help, but do not think that you will get a lot of money out of funding this project.

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