IrishCoin is one of the lesser known cryptocurrencies in the market today. However, it is also one of the most unique, and it is showing great promise for investors. It is making a comeback, and it may well rank among the big coins if the current trend continues.

IrishCoin Exchangeable Token Purpose And History

IrishCoin is one of those cryptocurrencies that is backed by an industry, in this case, a national industry. It was developed specially for the Irish tourism industry which generates over $3 billion every year. It was designed to function as a discount token vehicle, but it may well become a reliable form of currency for players in the tourism industry.

IrishCoin has been around since 2014. It started off with a lot of publicity, and it has thus far managed to maintain its footing in the industry. Its popularity has recently surged during the current crypto frenzy, and its price has been soaring.

Ireland Banking On Long-Term Prospects

IrishCoin is not like most other coins that start off with a dream of dominating the markets. It does have big plans for the future, but it is taking a sure path that is expected to bear fruits in the long-term.

As mentioned earlier, the Irish tourism industry is vast. Ireland is a global tourism hub thanks to its deep and immersive culture as well as tranquil national sceneries. The idea for IrishCoin is to circulate the Irish tourism market not only in Ireland but also abroad in the UK, U.S., and other significant markets. Backed by over $3 billion and thousands of tourism agencies – and considering that there is no competition – it is expected that the coin will not fail but rather grow gradually.

However, IrishCoin is already performing well – in fact, it is performing better in the international markets than it is in the Irish tourism industry. As recently as 14 January 2018, the coin’s value grew by over 3,000% in an overnight trade. Its popularity has partly come from the exponential demand for cryptocurrencies and partly from its solid foundation when compared to most other coins that are just out to make money for their developers. This is also expected to boost the coin’s reception in the Irish tourism industry especially considering that it is offering incentives such as discounts for users.

Expect Big Changes From IrishCoin

IrishCoin was recently registered on major crypto exchange platforms, and it can be traded for a wide range of pairs as well as fiat currencies. Developers have released 64 million coins for use by the public globally. However, it retains 7% of the total supply that is exclusive to the Irish tourism industry.

IrishCoin has thus far been a standard coin designed for a single purpose. However, developers are planning to implement technical advances that will put it at par with the likes of Stellar and Monero. It also plans to improve its wallet to give it greater flexibility for international traders’ convenience. Overall, the coin will try to match major cryptocurrencies while still retaining its $3 billion Irish-tourism backing.

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