The blockchain technology is everywhere. Wherever you look, you will be able to find investments that can be interesting for you. Because of this, you have to choose only the best ones if you want to become a great investor. Investing well can be harder than it looks when you have so many possibilities but limited time and resources.

If you want to invest well, you have to be well informed. That is the whole reason why you’ve come to this site, right? Luckily, we review the best investments here, so you will not be overwhelmed when you look for them online. Today, we are going to review a Russian company called IronBlock.

What is IronBlock?

IronBlock is a Russian start-up blockchain company that aims to offer solutions in the field of heavy machinery, global construction, mining, forestry and farming. The company will provide its users with a platform for maintenance of these machines and data verification.

The objective of IronBlock is to use blockchain technology to aid companies in having maintenance and data services easier, which can be hard and expensive to do normally. Many companies do not have enough information about the products that they are acquiring when they buy them, so IronBlock intends to use its platform to help these companies.

The value of this marketplace is estimated by the company at more than $1 trillion USD. Yes, this number is probably highly inflated, but the company already has a big potential anyway, especially because of the size of this company and the reach of the platform, which intends to be a global marketplace.

How Does IronBlock Work?

IronBlock is a decentralized online platform whose objective is to be a marketplace for selling, buying and leasing heavy machinery. All of the transactions will be made by smart contracts stored on the blockchain, so the users will be safer while making their transactions.

The service will also register the condition in which the equipment was sold, as problems with faulty equipment are very common and many scammers sell equipment with bad conditions. This verification will allow for more trust during the transactions from companies that are very far from each other and will diminish the costs of buying equipment.

The verification and transaction process would be made by third-parties also hired using the system. This way, all of the actors involved in the transaction find a cheaper and faster way to make their transactions.

How to Invest in IronBlock?

To invest in this company, you will have to participate in the sales of IRB tokens. You can acquire IRB tokens during the pre-ICO (Initial Coin Offering), which is already happening and it will last until January 14 or during the main ICO, which will happen sometime during March.

You can buy the IRB tokens using ETH. With 0.00027 ETH you will be able to buy one IRB token. If you during the pre-sale, you will receive a discount of 25%. The bonus during the main ICO will go from 20% in the first week to 5% during the fifth week.

If all the tokens are sold before the ICO date is finished, the sale will be over sooner, so you should buy your tokens fast if you are interested in investing in this company.

The IronBlock Verdict

Is this a good choice for investment to you? Yes. IronBlock is a solid company. Even being a start-up, it seems that it already has a solid plan. Another positive point is that there are no red flags or lack of information on the site and all of the members of the company seem to really exist.

If you are interested in using the services of the company, purchasing tokens might be an excellent business, but it might still be good even if you are not. This is because this company has the potential to be way more valuable in the future and so will its tokens if everything goes according to IronBlock’s plan, so this could be an investment with a nice return on investment for you.

If you are interested in IronBlock, go for it. There are no reasons not to invest in this company if you are interested in its services or if you believe in its potential.

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