The IronCoin is a cryptocurrency that is specially designed to withstand the adverse effects of the impending ‘winter’ by enabling seamless payments and transfers over its secure and transparent blockchain network. Essentially, the IronCoin (IRC) is a utility token of the Iron Bank of Braavos that ensures the security of investors’ digital assets.

The Iron Bank of Braavos


Originally, the Iron Bank of Braavos first appeared in the famous George RR Martin’s novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire. Another instance where this institution is regularly mentioned is HBO’s popular television series, Game of Thrones.

The Iron Bank was established before the apocalypse dawned on ancient Valyria, when Braavos was not yet concurred by the Valyrian Empire. Its founders were affluent craftsmen and traders. The name ‘Iron Bank’ originates form the vault in which the account holders paved their possessions, which happened to be a diminished iron mine. Furthermore, the bank’s sole entrance was heavily guarded by reinforced iron gates and bars, as well as human security guards. Since then, the bank has undergone radical transformation, but the vault still remains, acting as both a depository and a tourist attraction site.

What Does It Do?

The Iron Bank is perhaps the most powerful banking institution, with a client base covering both Essos and Westeros. Similar to other banks, this establishment finances their customer when they need capital to start a project. However, unlike its peers, the Iron Bank does not class its clients, and treats them equally regardless of their social status.

Why Is It Powerful?

Every city has its own bank, but none is as wealthy as the Iron Bank. In fact, the Iron Bank is richer than the combined worth of the eight other banks. This affluence makes the Iron Bank a huge influencer of the local politics, as Kings are obligated to honor the bank, lest they get overthrown.

The IronCoin Symbol

The symbol on the IronCoin takes after the famous Titan of Braavos, a giant statue that is located on the on the Braavos harbor. The massive figurine is local landmark due to its conspicuous nature, standing well over 400 feet above the ground.

‘Winter’ Is Coming

If you are a GOT fan, you are probably familiar with this phrase. In this context, however, it is implies a different meaning. Despites is rich heritage, Westeros is still backwards with regard to technological advancements. The primary reasons for this underdevelopment is belief in magic and unpredictability of seasons, especially winters.

On the other hand, Essos has an overflow of skilled workforces, though the folk her still believe in magic and suffer unpredictable winters. These problems are a resulting from the absence of financier, which means that businesspeople cannot find capital to start projects. The IronCoin intends to solve this problem.

The IronCoin Project Conclusion

As mentioned earlier, IronCoin (IRC) is a cryptocurrency that aims to solve the problems facing Westeros and Essos. IRC is a utility token that is ERC20 compliant and based on the Ethereum blockchain. As of now, it is available for trading on three platforms, namely ForkDelta, EtherDelta and TokenStore.

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