IronFX Group's MT4 Platform Adds Cardano's ADA Coin as Base Account Currency

Cardano's ADA Coin to be Used as Base Token for IronFX

The digital currency is going to be used to give token holders access to several different goods and services. Cardano Blockchain technology, based out of Hong Kong was founded by the EmurgoHK Group.

The purpose was to be used as a faster blockchain for new tokens developed by the company. The newest token, known as the ADA coin is managed by a third party. The new launch of the token will give users the ability to use the cryptocurrency to pay for different services which typically require fiat currency to pay for them.

The third party managing the coin is none other than IronFX, a subsidiary of the EmurgoHK Group, operating on the fabled MT4 platform. The coins can be managed like any other cryptocurrency. Customers can buy, sell, exchange or deposit it into a bank account, even having the ability to trad it for stocks or other assets.

IronFX has made the coin available for trade with several fiat currencies, the USD now included. It’s growing popularity in media, namely on US cryptocurrency websites has made it a desired token by investors in the crypto-sphere. The coin is listed on several different exchanges like Coinbase, which is a good sign – meaning it has hit mainstream crypto markets already – making it safe to buy, sell and trade.

ADA tokens are ideal for all purposes, with contracts set in place to make it easy to stake them, trade them or use them to purchase other goods, services or currencies. This is still one of the first ventures into the realm of cryptocurrency by IronFX, which has seen its sights shifted in the direction of digital currency in recent months. Hopefully with all the media attention, ADA tokens will climb quickly, enforcing IronFX’s spot in the cryptocurrency community.

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