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Is Ethereum (ETH) Still A Smart Cryptocurrency Token Investment In 2018?

Ethereum has turned some heads in the past two years. Thousands of investors profited millions as the currency exploded by over 1200% in a relatively short amount of time. It even outgrew some older currencies, including Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Despite these gains, true followers of the crypto scene understand that sometimes gaining profit does not equate to the long-term viability of the investment.

However, there remain some significant reasons that investment in Ethereum is one of the best long-term investments that a speculator can make in 2018. Though all investment advice should be taken with a grain of salt and decisions regarding finances should be taken seriously, this analyst strongly recommends that investors take a second look at Ethereum as a potential long-term, serious investment. And here’s why.

Ethereum Versus Bitcoin

Bitcoin is often seen as the crux of both the history of cryptocurrency and the future of the industry. Because of its originality, popularity, and common adoption by non-participants outside of the market, the currency is recognized as the original coin to which most others are compared. Consequently, a coin like Ethereum should be contrasted with Bitcoin in order to ascertain its viability.

Ethereum is generally considered to be both more versatile and more powerful than the platform offered by Bitcoin. Rather than hosting a singular public ledger, Ethereum’s powerful platform allows developers to create their own currencies, protocols, and blockchain technologies on the Ethereum network. This alone makes Ethereum a unique and new service, especially considering the large variety of offerings the platform has compared to the traditional Bitcoin.

Additionally, some speculate that the trade of Ethereum’s coin, Ether, will climb to surpass Bitcoin in both price and volume in the next few years.

And unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum continues to gain traction with major existing companies. The organization has won partnerships with several significant corporations, including Microsoft and Intel. Applications are usually in the information technology sector.

The Future Of Ethereum

The most compelling evidence for Ethereum’s bright future is their adoption by FinTech. FinTech is a company that specializes in smart contract integration into the financing process. The billion-dollar corporation has expressed their deep interest in the Ethereum platform to develop new ways to innovate transactions and economic interaction.



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