Istrium ICO aims to provide potential users with a blockchain generator platform to allow them to create, deploy and monitor their blockchain. With the blockchain creation, Istrium will also enable users to store their data and have the option of using their cryptocurrency.

The blockchain generator aims to provide an innovative service that will champion for blockchain adoption with their advanced infrastructure. With many people looking to invest in blockchain technology, the Istrium project will provide the capability to create your very own blockchain and establish it as a real asset with value on the market.

About ISTRIUM's Solution

Istrium will seek to offer the following resolutions as an innovative and attractive measure to provide secure blockchain deployment and maintenance options.

Trading Place

The Istrium trading platform will allow for the exchange of crypto assets on the built blockchain. Through the Istrium cryptocurrency, users get to conduct regular trading through the exchange portal for the cryptocurrencies.


Istrium also provides for an e-commerce portal through which members can sell products, solutions, and services that are related to their respective blockchain.

Information Search Engine

Additionally, Istrium will build a search engine of information for the associated blockchains and their respective deployment

Management Tools

Istrium will set up the free management tools, to securely deploy, monitor and track the status of the blockchain.

istrium homepage

How The Economic Model Works

Using the simple, intuitive interface, Istrium will conceive the following functions under their its parameters

  • Customizing the management parameters for the blockchain
  • Immediate deployment and automatic securing for the blockchain and its crypto assets
  • Tools to deliver permitted optimized solutions
  • Smart contracts to execute and interpret the implementation of the blockchain

Possible Token Functions

The Istrium token will be the native currency for reference within the ecosystem. As the primary currency, the ISM will be in use in the following method

  • Reward users with privileges for using the Istrium token
  • As an exchange solution for crypto-currencies on the Istrium platform
  • Trade or exchange the Istrium services
  • The token can also act as a store value with the future possibility of increasing importance.
  • Istrium token holder also get to participate in decentralized voting

Istrium Conclusion

Blockchain technology is fast creating a buzz in the financial world, and potentially it has captured a lot of attention.  Consequently, there is a lot of demonstration by individuals and firms to have their blockchain-modeled solutions to benefit from the innovation. Istrium is looking to satisfy the growing need for blockchain experimentation. Overall their ability to demonstrate adequate blockchain construction and deployment could have a significant impact on the adoption of the technology. Still, Istrium will need to overcome the challenges facing blockchain technology before it can become ubiquitous for better passage in reality

Token Sale and Information

The Istrium token sale will feature a Pre-sale and ICO stage comprising of four phases.

  • Presale: May 14 – June 21, 2018
  • Stage 1: June 21 – June 25, 2018 ($400.000)
  • Stage 2: June 26 – July 3, 2018($2 million)
  • Stage 3: July 4 – July 18, 2018($4 million)
  • Stage 4: July 19 – August 19($8 million)

Istrium Token Details

  • Ticker: ISM
  • Model: ERC20
  • Accepts: ETH, BTC
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Hard cap: $8 million
  • Soft cap: $2 million

Funds Distribution Plan

  • Token sale (All stages): 75% (15,000,000)
  • Airdrop: 11.5 %( 2,300,000)
  • Team and advisors: 13.5(2,700,000)

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