ITBiometrics (ITB) Launches New Cold Fingerprint Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

ITBiometrics Launches a Cold Fingerprint Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

ITB (ITBiometrics) is a security company that specializes in biometric authentication services. It recently announced that it would be introducing a new crypto security hardware wallet to the cryptocurrency community. The solution, which is being referred to as the “cold fingerprint wallet” is aimed at addressing the numerous problems plaguing crypto owners.

Cryptocurrency holders who get their hands on this hardware wallet will now be in a position to transact without having to remember long and tedious passphrases, private keys, passwords, and pins. They will be able to use this wallet to access even applications that currently have multiple signatures.

The authentication solution being introduced by ITBiometrics is expected to combine fingerprint(s), heartbeat sensing, and thermal signature detection to verify wallets true account owner. In combination with already patented encryption, ITB currently provides advanced authorization and security capabilities to companies in various industries.

Problems Being Addressed by ITB

Andy Finch is the CEO of the ITB team, and also acts as the president of a startup consultancy firm known as RMI. He has vast experience serving as the global executive of a large global corporation and has in the past acted as a startup veteran.

Tony Zakula is the CTO of the ITB team and currently serves as the CEO of Kodaris. Kodaris is a digital transformation ecosystem. Tony is also a software development executive and a FinTech entrepreneur.

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