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Since the development of the crypto industry, the number of crypto wallets has continuously grown at present being more than 400 million. There are so many crypto solutions that have been created, and information on how to buy these solutions is easily available. However, very little information is available on how to use them. There is no single platform that can be used by the sellers and the buyers, and there is no mechanism in place to control the transactions that make the cryptocurrency industry an unattractive investment option to the average citizens.

What Is ITOB?

The ITOB platform, based on the blockchain technology, is a solution to the crypto industry that can be used in the payment sphere. It is a simple and a unique platform that makes the buying of goods convenient and ubiquitous.

ITOB Cryptocurrency Payment Platform Features

The platform features include:

  • The ITOB search option provides a tool for searching for goods and services in the cryptocurrency industry
  • The platform has multicurrency accounts that can be used for buying cryptocurrencies. The IOTB platform supports multiple currencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash and has the ITEX tool to allow all functions related to payment.
  • Allow the buying of cryptocurrencies in online stores. The platform provides a solution to the problem of transaction security for the selling and buying of goods on the internet. The platform allows the user to shop and sell their products online.
  • Allows for international transfers of cryptocurrency, which is instant.
  • The platform allows for instant payment by cryptocurrency by use of the QR code at the sales point of offline stores.

The platform will provide the buyer with convenience as they search for goods and services and protect the interests of the buyer. Additionally, the platform will give buyers protection of payment of their purchase.

The developers of the platform will be intermediaries and will resolve any conflict that might emerge between the seller and the buyer. They will also give the possibility of fund reimbursement, and the possibility of fraud will be reduced due to the recording of the transaction in the blockchain.

The sellers will benefit from ITOB as they will get a means to expand their client base and increase their sales by attracting the market of the cryptocurrency holders.

For the investors, the ITOB platform will create a real value platform that will give benefits to an investor with an operating business model using the ITOB platform tokens that will be above speculation of ordinary tokens. The ITEX tokens will be accepted as other cryptocurrencies while allowing investors to enjoy zero commission for payment.

The use of blockchain technology will allow the ITOB platform to enable:

  • Fast transactions with 0% commission for users
  • Reduce international conversion obstacles
  • Allow for the growth of the crypto industry due to the use of the platform


The token will be used as the transaction token on the ITOB platform in addition to other major digital coins. The tokens will also give the user a chance to profit from activities related to the ITOB Platform and its affiliate projects. The ICO of the tokens is set to start on 31st May 2018. The developers hope to raise $70 million for the development of the platform.

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