The VeChain Foundation has recently announced a partnership between the Jakarta government, INPI Asia and ITP to use blockchain technology to secure data and documents. The companies just held a conference together explaining that they would use nanotechnology and blockchain to validate documents via the VeChain Thor.

By using the DocKrypto, KryptoMobile and KryptoCloud products of VeChain Thor, the companies will ensure the history and the originality of the documents. As information on the blockchain cannot be altered, transparency will be maintained and improved.

A Solution That Can Be Used By Any Government Or Corporation

INPI Asia has stated that this solution will not only be used in Jakarta in the near future but has the potential to reach a considerably wider audience in the following years or months. According to the company, governments and corporations can use this technology to add transparency and security to their businesses.

About INPI Asia and ITP

INPI Asia provides solutions for securing documents and digital identification by using nanotechnology and blockchain. Indo Teknologi Persada (ITP) is a company that offers solutions for product traceability, authentication and identification. They have made a partnership to produce new services for their clients.

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