iUVOCoin is Utility Token that utilizes the Waves Platform Technology. The iUVOCoin will be finite, with only 20 million tokens being issued. Ownership of these coins can be transferred from one person to another. The holders of the coins can send them to any wallet that supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Waves, and Fiat currency such as USD and EUR.

Why Is iUVOCoin Needed?

A huge chunk of the population in India, Australia, and the ASEAN is unbanked or underbanked. It is particularly hard for this large swath of the population to access microloans because of the high costs charged by existing financial institutions. To deal with this issue, the iUVOcoin ecosystem will be a peer-to-peer lending platform powered by the blockchain.

With the help of the blockchain, the network will replace existing centralized systems, thereby making frictionless peer-to-peer transfers possible. Additionally, smart contracts combined with a proof of stake mechanism will be utilized to ensure that backers are paid for their work. The goal of this ecosystem is to ensure that the underbanked and unbanked gain access to financial services.

iUVOCoin P2P Lending With Smart Contracts Features

Credit Scoring

Credit scoring offers a credit score for every borrower based on various factors. These factors include historical loan records, social interaction, personal finance, and much more. All calculations are made using proprietary data, which include offline transactions, online transactions, and behavioral studies.


Digital lending services on IUVO will harness the power of e-signatures, e-KYC, and e-Consent. The lending will be on a P2P basis, which will allow anyone from anywhere in the world to lend money to others. It will enable the borrowers to check and compare all the offers online and make the choice that is best for them.

iUVOCoin Benefits

Complete Platform

The creators of this project already have a working system. The blockchain technology and all the other features are all functioning, even before the launch of the ICO. This project will not have a soft cap. In fact, the functions will launch on the pre-determined date.

No Manipulation

The token price for lending will not be manipulated on iUVOCoin. The internal exchange will launch on a predetermined date and all lending will be based on rates at the internal exchange.

Bonus Airdrop

Owners of the coins will be given new coins that will launch under PowerLoan. A new wallet is going to be added to each owner’s account for this purpose.

Token Burn Program

Of all the IUVO fees gained from the transactions of users, 5% of the tokens will be burned to reduce the supply of tokens as the business grows.


Owners can stake their PowerLoan Coins in the desktop POS wallet offered by the creators of this platform. They will be able to earn rewards that range from 1% to 3.5% per year.

iUVOCoin IUVO Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Name: IUVO Coin
  • Token Symbol: UVC
  • Token Type: Waves Lite
  • Total Tokens: 20,000,000 UVC
  • Price during Pre-ICO: $0.20 – $1.30
  • ICO Start Price: $3.00
  • Accepted currency: BTC, LTC, Waves
  • Pre-ICO Date: June 20 – July 20
  • Sale Date: August 20 – September 20

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