IVM Token

The web is known to have out of touch content, pointless attention based metrics, and invalid traffic. Advertisers, content creators, and publishers are having a hard time reaching their target markets. It is almost impossible to captivate and monetize audiences that seek targeted experiences due to sensory and content overload.

The IVMedia Solution

The interactive video and experience protocol (IVMedia) is a blockchain-enabled platform that is set to centralize the digital media economy. The platform has digital layers that sit on top of any streamable content on the internet and overlays other new interactive smart objects and functions to come up with interactive experience and increase the end user engagement.

With simplicity and ambiguity, viewers will be unaware of the IVMedia presence. The platform’s participants will be able to make videos available online which can be edited, expanded, searched, and videos that can be made part of a poll in line with applicable copyright laws.

The IVM platform has the first many-to-many video infrastructure that supports different content formats including paid content, video chats, VOD, paid content, linear video, and multi-user live streaming. Content developers and creators can increase their user engagement and earn money through the platform.

The users of the platform do not have to know much about virtual currency to use the platform. When users use the platform, they increase the demand for IVMedia. The platform allows for data flow from the user’s device to P2P based mobile storage SDL protocol that transform the user’s device to nodes of M.

IVM Platform Video Application Media Coin Characteristics

An Incentivized Economy That Is Powered By IVM

This will be possible due to the launch of IVM tokens. Contributors to the platform will be rewarded with tokens that will unlock functionality, status, and value within the community. The token will be transferable and have a fixed supply that will allow the IVM ecosystem to grow.

User Activity Will Drive The Demand For IVM

Mainstream users help fund the IVM platform despite being unaware of the underlying crypto economics. This increases the demand and the use of cryptocurrency. The IVM ecosystem partners will be rewarded by a regular distribution of tokens through the partner rewards program. Each of the partners can incent contributors when he distributes rewards to participants on their platform.

IVMedia IVM ICO Details

The IVMedia economy will be tokenized and centered on the IVM tokens. The IVM token is a multifaceted unit of account that will be offered to the members of the IVMedia crypto association. The token has utility, trust, consumptive, transfer, governance growth incentives and loyal characteristics. The holders of the token have a right and limited license to use the token in the IVM protocol and access other underlying services offered by the community through a new introduced decentralized application store (dApp Store)

The IVM token will be distributed to the public to kick-start a vibrant community of passionate IVM users. The total IVM units in supply will be 500 million and 40% of the total tokens will be available during the public sale. The token is valued at 1 ETH=2000 IVM. The currency accepted during the sale will be either ETH or BTC.


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