As can be seen from latest statistical data, the crypto market as a whole is heading for a deepened expansion at a rate that was previously unexpected. To be more specific , we can see that the capitalization rate of the crypto market is expected to touch US$720 bn in the coming 4-5 years.

It is also important to recognize that while there may be various advantages being offered by different crypto assets, there is still a lack of financial flexibility that prevents these currencies from being adopted within the mainstream.

About IvyKoin

IvyKoin can be thought of as a ‘crypto based financial system’ that utilizes KYC, KYT, and AML data to facilitate transactions via the use of blockchain channels. To further elaborate on this point, we can see that IvyKoin is optimally designed for “transactions with financial institutions”, since it allows for real time auditing of data.

Additionally, we can see that the IvyKoin Network possesses many obvious advantages over incumbent financial systems such as:

(i) Usability:

One of the core aspects of IvyKoin is that it serves as a digital bridge between existing global financial systems and rising cryptocurrencies.

(ii) Safety:

A highly underrated aspect of IvyKoin is that it securely enables users to transfer cryptocurrency payments though the use of KYC and KYT data. All of this is done in line with the base framework and API of the underlying IvyKoin network.

(iii) Transparency:

All of the data that passes through the platform is recorded irreversibly within a public blockchain.

(iv) Better Throughput:

Another lesser known fact about this platform is that it is able to embed more KYT information within each transfer when compared to conventional financial systems.

Other Aspects to Consider

(i) Compatibility:

To help businesses, individuals, organizations adopt IvyKoin, the native platform API has been designed in a way such that it is able to integrate into a wide array of existing banking softwares.

(ii) Efficient:

Since this platform makes use of a decentralized ledger system, it is highly useful for bookkeeping and accounting purposes.

(iii) Data Sharing:

As per the official company whitepaper, IvyKoin is able to provide revocable access to KYC/KYT data to financial institutions, accountants, company managers.

Why Choose IvyKoin?

When looked at form a technical angle, we can see that IvyKoin offers users with key benefits such as:

(i) Cross Platform Integration:

The IvyKoin network has been devised to eliminate issues that currently exist between cryptocurrencies and financial systems.

(ii) Validation Mechanism:

This network utilizes a ‘decentralized filtration protocol’ which makes sure that all of the transactions are validated before they are relayed across the network.

(iii) High Volume Allowance:

This platform makes use of an economics driven model that adopts principles related to “utility transaction volume” on public ledger systems.

Who Is Behind The IvyKoin Project?

Tom Marchesello is the brains behind this operation. In addition to heading IvyKoin, he has also served as a crypto advisor to various hedge funds and equity groups. As per his LinkedIn profile, Tom has previously worked with companies such as:

  • Sony
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Morgan Stanley
  • HIG Capital.

Similarly, Michael Beck is the company’s CTO and comes with a resume’ boasting of 20 years worth of experience in the financial domain. From an educational standpoint, Michael has a BA and MBA from Columbia University.

IvyKoin Token Details

In all there have been a total of 1.5 billion coins that have been issued. The ICO phase has ended successfully, and a total of $84 million USD has been raised by the company.

As per the official website, the distribution of raised revenue will be as follows:

  • 40% of the money will be used to cover for token issuance charges and other currency processing fees.
  • 20% will be used for the creation of a reserve fund.
  • 20% will be aggregated into a “Growth pool fund” which will allow financial institutions to test and adopt ivyKoin.
  • The remaining amount will be distributed amongst company founders and members.

For further details pertaining to this platform, users can get in touch with company officials via email ([email protected]) or Telegram.

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