Ixo Foundation's Blockchain For Impact Launches Elysian Data Storage

Recently, the ixo Foundation launched Elysian, a significantly configurable and open-source database utility that enables developers to set access permissions on data stored on a blockchain ledger. The ixo Foundation is a non-profit software development organization.

Elysian will store data off-chain, but the validations of data submissions are stored on the distributed ledger. In the case of ixo, the data will be saved on the ixo public chain. The project owner controls a decentralized identifier (DID) which acts as a record to identify the location at which data is hosted, and the direction where the data is headed. Nonetheless, the data’s ownership and control over privacy is retained by the owner.

The ixo protocol defines the processing and storage of cryptographically hashed and signed messages. Within the ixo public chain, these data resources are known as verifiable impact claims. Moreover, these resources are crucial in building a wide array of data-intensive web 3.0 applications.

According to the president of the ixo Foundation, this protocol has already been used in the development of highly configurable generic database utilities for the decentralized web and leverage hash-chains to reinforce the integrity of data.

In ancient Greek, Elysian means a place whose access is limited to a select few. Similarly, this Elysian release is equipped with powerful tools that restrict access to online confidential data within the decentralized web. Using this feature, users can control data entry, editing, deletion, and modification at the level of the data store.

When the Elysian Data Store is initialized, a customizable list of identity credentials is created. The list defines the actions which will be performed by which identified agents that interact with the Elysian data store. These permissions can be modified or revoked entirely at any time. The access control mechanism is detailed and fully compliant with the regulations concerning the protection of data and its privacy.

The ixo Foundation intends to take the Elysian Data Store into mass production as a secure and an integral a part of the ixo network’s data infrastructure. In this regard, the organization is open to suggestions and contributions from third parties to add to the development of the Elysian platform.

About The Ixo Foundation

The ixo Foundation is a non-profit organization that concerns itself with the development of blockchain-based software. Its flagship project, known as Blockchain for Impact, is the source of the Elysian platform. The ultimate goal of this project is to realize sustainable development goals by 2030.

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