What Is Janus?

In the realm of digital currencies, there have been many players who have tried to do too much with their product. Janus Token represents a refreshing change in this regard.

Built with the philosophy of coming up with branded projects which target a few selected markets, the focus of the company is spot-on, and the product definitely has the potential to break new ground, with an excellent feature set.

Built with the cutting edge Nxt block chain acting as the core, Janus Token has already seen popularity among enthusiasts, and the platform has attracted many investors based on the strengths of the business model, and the credentials and work ethics of the development team.

Janus Special Features

Janus Token operates on the Nxt platform, which has for long been known to be extremely secure and feature-rich. There is also a distinct focus on the social elements of the internet as a means to entice and attract customers and investors.

The token sale model, which funds the projects for the company, is unique as it allows investors to actually invest in digital currency to later enjoy a share of the profits that the projects bring for the company.

This interesting model can bring more incentive to investors, and keep them interested enough to back the company’s projects in the long run.

Excellent Features

Due to the proven merit of the Nxt block chain, JanusToken sports some great features that users can benefit from. The Nxt wallet software is extremely easy to use, making a great fit for users who are new to the world of digital currencies.

Users also get to enjoy other benefits stemming from the Nxt block chain, retaining the ability to store their coins, trade them or transfer them to other parties. The Nxt block chain is also known to be one of the most secure block chain solutions that exist now, and with the added security, investors have the peace of mind they need.


The USP of this project is getting investors on board to invest in projects, and sharing the profits with them by providing them with digital currency. This unique business model is built on transparency, and the JanusToken team has painstakingly built this platform using the Nxt block chain so as to maintain complete transparency at all times.

The system also maintains the anonymity of investors while being secure enough to ensure proper sharing of profits.

Janus Feature-Rich Wallet

The Nxt wallet system that JanusToken uses has been known to be a versatile, feature-rich system for quite a while now, and these features can definitely benefit the investors when it comes to easily managing and trading their JanusToken collection.

A strong point of this system is that it integrates an asset exchange platform, which can be used to trade coins at market rates with very little hassle. The integrity of this platform is what makes JanusToken a lucrative prospect in the coming years.

Getting On Board With Janus

Getting on board with JanusToken requires users to complete a simple registration process at their website, which can be completed in a few minutes and does not require a lot of personal details. Once a user is registered with the system, there is the option to download and use the fully features Nxt wallet.

The wallet comes in a software client version, as well as an online version for increased flexibility for investors. The coin sale model might take a little time to get used to for some investors with little experience with digital currencies, but the website provides enough basic information to get started.

It is rare in the world of digital currencies that a new, exciting business model gets to see the light of day. With a clever premise and sound implementation, JanusToken has the potential to become that next big platform for investors, and with increased participation, the value of the digital currency as well as investor rewards can definitely increase over time.

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