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Coinbase Announces the Welcoming of its Office in Japan

Coinbase has finally announced its entrance into the Japanese market, as their office will be led by FinTech savant, Nao Kitazawa. In addition to their new expansion efforts, Coinbase stated the required steps will be taken in order provide Japanese investors with access to their services while ensuring that their operations follow the Japanese law and Financial Services Agency (FSA) regulations.

Kitazawa has taken on many roles prior to earning a reputable name as a FinTech expert.

He was the former COO of Money Design, investment banker at Morgan Stanley Japan, and was an active member in a law firm taking on the responsibility of dealing with cases within the finance and real estate sectors. Today, he will not only be adding Coinbase Japan to his list of achievements but also his role as a member of Japan’s board of FinTech Association.

Coinbase believes that having Kitazawa as the CEO of Coinbase Japan is equivalent to a leap forward regarding their goals in place. In terms of his tasks, Kitazawa will not only be contributing towards putting together a team, but also will need to work on making Coinbase’s services more accessible.

Like Coinbase’s success within the US markets, the team strongly believes that they will attract just as many crypto investors in Japan. As for the ease-of-use and understandability, Coinbase will eventually implement more language options.

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One highlight worth noting in the announcement was this:

“As in other markets, we plan to take a deliberate approach to our rollout in Japan, which means working hand-in-hand with the Japanese FSA to ensure compliance with local laws at every stage.”

No matter your take or stance about Coinbase, they are set to pave the for a global blockchain-cryptocurrency infrastructure whether its user acquisition or legal pioneering for what is expected to be a lengthy yet world-changing process.

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