A picture taken of the J-Pop Star, Gakuto Oshiro, dubbed GACKT, Seiko Noda, Japan’s Minister of Internal Affairs and Sanae Takaichi, was recently publicized by Weekly Flash.

The picture was supposedly taken back in March of 2013, in what was believed to be a meeting involving a discussion on cryptocurrencies. The time the picture was taken, both Noda and Takaichi served different roles, which were the Chairman of General Affairs and Chairman of a political party respectively.

GACKT, who grew within Japan’s music industry through a 2007 album, voiced his opinion on cryptocurrencies in an interview with news.Bitcoin.com. In particular, he was keen in the new market and started getting involved since 2016. To him, cryptocurrencies are necessary to bring centralized systems to an end, as he believes it eliminates “balance” in the world.

Here are his words:

“The world manages to preserve the balance, but it’ll lose it if it remains the way it is. We had to find a long-term solution and [I believe] cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology are the solution. This is why I got involved in crypto.”

It was not until May that Spindle made the announcement that its arm company, Black Star & Co was working towards implementing strategies that would enhance the overall experience on crypto exchanges, hedge funds and others reflecting investors’ interest.

Ichiro Yamamoto, a writer who spoke to Weekly Flash on Noda’s stance on cryptocurrencies shared that she was unaware of the matters.

Yamamoto told Weekly Flash that the mistake is on Noda’s part as she should not have allowed for the meeting between her assistant and,

“a representative of Spindle [and an official of the FSA]” to take place “at her office without having a solid understanding about the issues.”

To an accusation made by Weekly Flash, which insisted that Noda’s husband was involved in Spindle, Noda firmly turned it down as well as the rumor that she sat down with GACKT to discuss such matters.

GACKT, who has been chosen to represent Spindle, apparently had nothing to do with the meeting that Noda’s assistant attended with the FSA agent – this supposedly was a statement issued by his talent agency. However, when asked about Noda’s husband, GACKT’s talent agency explicitly shared that he, as per news.Bitcoin.com’s reporting, was “an acquittance”.

Last week, Noda clarified the confusion by telling reporters that the meeting did take place in January 2018, however she had played no role in it. Furthermore, she told press that she did not have plans to request an investigation in the matters.

As for Spindle, the company also supposedly issued its own token, called “GACKT coins” back in October, however, they were told to discontinue the trading of the coins, due to the same FSA concern.

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