Japan’s B Cryptos Fund Joins Korea’s ICON Foundation

ICON is presently one of the largest blockchains in the entire world, but they still decided to engage in a new partnership that could make them more lucrative. Their partnership is with B Cryptos, which comes from Japan as their first crypto fund, aiming to extend the changes in the industry in other countries as well. B Dash Ventures provides the support and funding for the project, though B Cryptos will also be supported with the use of QUIONE, which then invests in other exchanges and ICOs.

ICON only recently partnered up with Deblock as well, which implies that ICON’s partnership with B Cryptos is more of a strategy than anything. However, this venture allows consumers to slowly expand their ecosystem with other blockchains and funds as well, eventually reaching a multitude of consumers.

The joint effort between ICON and B Cryptos is more involved than other partnerships, since they plan to co-host multiple events, like hack-a-thons, demo days, and conferences. They will also develop new incubation projects together, supporting other blockchains that they add to their platform.

To become more integrated, a council member of ICON, JH Kim, will be assigned to the Crypto Fund Investment Committee. In exchange, B Cryptos brings in Hiroyuki Watanabe, who is presently the CEO, to become an advisor of ICON. There are other considerations in place, but time will tell what changes are ultimately made.

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