Impossibility is no longer a spine of assertion for some individuals if they believe in their dreams – JBOX is a proof to that fact.

The only thing that is constant in the world right now is the inevitability of change. The world is changing rapidly and so is the manner of doing business. Technology has revolutionized commerce for instance Bitcoin brought the blockchain and Ethereum brought smart contracts, and innovations that are more fascinating are still on its way.

JBOX is a decentralized video streaming program launched under the blockchain technology. The company’s approach is to make your streaming experience more exciting and pleasing while earning money.

Jboxcoin is a revolutionary method into the online currency world known as a cryptocurrency, It is the incentive you get from surfing and video streaming and all other entertainment attributes by using the gigantic project app known as JBOX.

JBOX Company’s Vision

The company’s vision is to provide customer’s satisfaction by decentralizing the video marketplace through Block Chain technology.

They have a customer support designed to meet all the needs of the consumers and ensure a great customer relationship.

About JBOX Coin

Aiming to become among the top-ranked coin at the cryptocurrency space the company aspires to attain these dreams through their unique and gigantic project “JBOX App.”

A decentralized blockchain video streaming program design to provide customers a huge sense of value for their leisure time via a well-augmented dual mining process (Proof of Upload and Proof of View). This program is designed to benefit token user for downloading and streaming videos of all varieties on the JBOX platforms.

JBOX is primarily designed to create wealth and reduce poverty around the globe hence, it's hoped that it will shortly take its market share with a lot of ease no matter the competition in the global market.

Jboxcoin is going to be launched with a technology called Proof of View and Proof of Upload in other to guarantee accuracy and fast growth of the consumers' wallets. Proof of View ensures that the more new videos have been watched, a new Jcent is going to be minded.

The target market is broken up into three market segments Demographic Segmentation: This sphere accommodates male and female participants, low and high-income earners, married and single, irrespective of their view.

JBOX Benefits

The JBOX App may be used to publish any kind of media: audio, programming code, video, images, books, etc.. JBOX native (JBX) token is used to facilitate media assets trading. JBOX token awards incentivize network nodes to verify blocks with trades and metadata and to keep content. The network provides a trustless, transparent and decentralized setting consume to save and monetize media articles to its associates.

  • Jbox has a lively method of mining coin, which is quite different in the initial benchmark of mining cryptocurrency.
  • JBOX is mined through well-augmented platform namely, “Proof of Upload” and “Proof of View” (POU & POV).
  • The structure rewards users for article and content curation.
  • Jbox aimed to give customers a sense of value for their leisure time and to eradicate poverty by the tokenization platform of the native coin “JBX”, which is the motivator they get from articles curation on the JBOX platform.
  • JBOX projected insight, estimating to be worth 1JBX-1000USD from period of incension to some target period of 5years.
  • JBOX offer live chat support, email and phone support through their site, jboxcoin.org

JBOX Coin Summary

Cryptocurrencies will change the entire world and JBOX wants to be there as it happens by providing an innovative and stable platform to allow the world to earn through the movie technologies.

JBOX will guide and eventually be the customers’ heart desire by appreciating daily life and earning collectively.


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