Jcash Cryptocurrency

Jcash is a cryptocurrency that has the goal of truly benefiting all parties involved in its ecosystem. The crypto will be used on the JiojioMe mobile app and it intends to bring together advertisers and their target audience in a way that all of the involved can reap the benefits of the partnership.

By allowing all its consumers to set their own advertising preferences while using the site, this ecosystem lets people be advertised about what interests them and not by what interests the company. In the end, this is rather positive because the companies really get their audience.

On the platform, the users can use Jcash tokens to invite other users to take advantage of the platform and enjoy discounts while buying what they like. This creates an ecosystem in which companies have very targeted ads and offer discounts. The consumers, on the other hand, see only what they want and pay less for what interests them.

The Benefits Of Jcash For Advertisers And Businesses

Going against the trends, the JioJioMe app lets people tailor the advertises the way they want, not the way the companies think that they can get clients. This creates a really beneficial point because it works for everybody involved. The conversion rates are higher when people already are interested in a certain type of product.

The blockchain technology is used by the platform to analyse the data and predict trends on how people consume. This makes the life of the advertisers even easier. They can use tokens to pay for promotion of the ads and be rewarded with information. The ads are maximized via a proof of activity protocol, so people really get what they are paying for.

By paying more, you can even increase the views of your ads. Merchants will get more clients and their investment will be considerably more cost-effective than it would be in case they were not using the program.

Jcash And The JiojioMe App

Jcash is currently a centralized currency unlike many other which boast their decentralization. It is an ERC20 token that was created to make transactions specifically on this platform. It uses smart contracts for security and automation.

The app hash the transactions to the Ethereum blockchain and secures them. The blockchain is not only used for transactions, but also to track data about the behavior of the consumers and get it for the companies.

People can be rewarded with Jcash for being active on the platform and logging every day. This means that only by participating in the platform you can already reap most of its benefits and you can change these “vouchers” later for real goods on the stores of the site.

The app is available on Google App and Apple App Store at the moment. It already has 100,000 user downloads and over 600 merchants since December 2017.

The Jcash Verdict

This seems to be a fairly decent platform that can grant you some discounts and reward you for loyalty. It will not probably become one of the giants in the market, but it does not seem like it has any real problems, too. Our verdict is that Jcash seems like an average e-commerce platform with advantages for both customers, advertisers and the merchants.

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