What Is JIBEX?

Jibex is a “secure gateway to digital investment”, which is actually a fancy way of saying that this company is a cryptocurrency exchange. This company was founded in 2018 by Somyot Chaowalit (board director), Thuntee Sukchotrat (CEO) and Torsak Chaiwattaohong (CTO), which experts of the industry in Asia.

Their goal was the creation of a platform that could be simple for traders from the whole world be able to use it without any type of problem even if they do not know very much about cryptos and are going getting started in this new market. Because of this, the platform is committed to continuously self improve, as the market is ever changing.

How JIBEX Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange Investing Works

Jibex is a smart and intuitive crypto exchange that focus on making things simple. The interface of the whole product was created in a way that users that are only starting to buy currencies and experts could both use it.

It uses banking and financial security standards to protect your tokens and all the information that you reveal to the platform will be made completely private because the company does not use your information and it uses 256bit AES encryption.

The company also promises to have a trained customer service that can help you even when you are offline. There is online support but you can call the company to ask for support whenever you want to.

Finally, the company also has a newsfeed and a “knowledge center” to explain to new users how the site and the cryptocurrency market work. Unfortunately, it does not seem that these options are available in English at the moment.

How JIBEX Wallet Works

The Jibex Wallet will let you store some of the most popular cryptos of the market in it. It uses the same tokens as the platform: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. While it does not use some popular ones like Monero, Dash and Waves, you can say that the wallet is somewhat varied.

The main function of the wallet is to let you really be in control of your money and some features were made to assure that. It will use multi-factor authentication (you can choose how), multi-server backup in case of any problem and a multi-signature signature feature.

You will be able to use the Jibex Wallet to pay for goods and services whenever you want without having to pay high fees.


The mobile app was created to let you use Jibex wherever you are at the moment. You can use it to access the platform and use all the features that you normally would. You can also access your wallet from the app, which can make it easier for you to pay for goods and services from any place in the whole world.

JIBEX Wallet Verdict

This looks like a good and honest company, but you should be aware of the lack of diversity that it offers. There are literally hundreds of altcoins in the market today, so it would not be a great idea to be focused on a platform that is so limited in choices. Our sincere advice would be for you to look for a company with more expertise and options if you want a complete service.

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