Jihan Wu & BitMain's Ant Creek Cryptocurrency Mining Facilities In USA

Documents suggest that Bitmain, a cryptocurrency mining specialist, is secretly planning to develop new facilities in Pacific Northwest, America. The company has not publicly said anything to that effect, but observers say that close ties with Ant Creek LLC, a company that is known for bitcoin mining success, indicate that the new plans are on course. Being a mining software producer, the company is keen to develop facilities in Washington State.

A look At Ant Creek LLC Crypto Mining Facilities In USA

Companies-number.com has also reported that Jihan Wu, Bitmain's co-founder, is the brain behind Ant Creek. This is a company that is registered in the state as an active for-profit entity. Jihan has been working round the clock to ensure that the new plans sail through.

It is reported that when the land lease agreement is approved, it will be used to develop facilities that will be used for bitcoin mining. This will bring a major shift in the industry considering that there are other big companies that are planning to venture into bitcoin mining.

The lack of clear communication from the company is a move that has made people to speculate about many things. Observers are also keenly following the fact that there are no documents that link Bitmain to Ant Creek LLC.

Jihan Wu & BitMain's Project Is A Work In Progress

One of the things that make the project certain is the revelation that the new mining facilities are already under construction. In fact, they are already past the early stages, and work is still ongoing. With about 10 million dollars’ worth of investment expected from the project, it has been a source of anticipation for several months. There are local officials that say that they have been working with this company for more than six months.

Coindesk has reported in the past that Bitmain is also linked to projects in other parts of the world including China. This is just one of the many projects in their expansion plans.


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