The Jimat Store will be an e-commerce platform that lets users buy and sell products using digital currencies. This store will have all the features and functions that you would expect in an e-commerce store. However, it will have some extra features such as the ability to use over 100 different digital coins.

What Is Jimat Coin?

The store will have a native coin called the Jimat Coin, which is built on the ETH network. This coin has been developed with the intention of providing funding for the Jimat Store. Holders of these coins will be able to send their coins to the store. The coins will be spent at their market value at the time. Besides that, over 100 digital coins will be accepted as well as debit and credit cards.

The mission of this project is to come up with a robust and legally compliant e-commerce store for digital currencies. No doubt, this will accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. This store will have the latest features offered on any e-commerce store in the world today.

The Jimat Coin will launch via a crowdsale on March 29, 2018. This launch represents a unique opportunity for the future of all digital coin users. The digital currency market is huge and growing. However, it has not yet reached mainstream users. If digital currencies want to become the future of finance, they will need to reach the masses.

Developers of Jimat see cryptocurrency as the future, and that is why they have decided to create this e-commerce store. They are also unhappy about the war being waged on crypto, and they view this project as a way to fight back.

For a long time, cryptocurrencies have been the preserve of speculators and the tech-savvy, which they buy and sell at a profit. The Jimat Store wants to become the first crypto market for products. Thus, this will help crypto become commonplace.

The developers of the Jimat coin are a single-minded but skilled team that has a goal to open up the digital currency e-commerce and m-commerce market.

Jimat JMT Token ICO Details

Jimat Coin is having their ICO in batches that have already started. They are in batch 2 now.

  • 1st Batch 3/29 – 4/12/18 – Cost 37,500 JMT coins per 1 ETH and 50% bonus
  • 2nd Batch 4/12 – 4/19/18  – Cost 37,500 JMT coins per 1 ETH and 50% bonus
  • 3rd Batch 4/19 – 4/26/18 – Cost 36,250 JMT coins per 1 ETH and 45% bonus
  • 4th Batch 4/26 – 5/3/18 – Cost 35,000 JMT coins per 1 ETH and 40% bonus
  • 5th Batch 5/3 – 5/10/18 – Cost 33,750 JMT coins per 1 ETH and 35% bonus
  • 6th Batch 5/10 – 5/17/18 – Cost 32,500 JMT coins per 1 ETH and 30% bonus
  • 7th Batch 5/17 – 5/24/18 – Cost 30,000 JMT coins per 1 ETH and 20% bonus
  • 8th Batch 5/24 – 5/31/18 – Cost 27,500 JMT coins per 1 ETH and 10% bonus

Jimat Coin Future

In 2015, e-commerce sales were worth 1.5 trillion USD. By 2020, they are projected to have reached 4 trillion USD. It is partly because more people will be using e-commerce by 2020. Estimates put it at 2 billion people in 2020 from 1.4 billion in 2015.

In these projections, no one mentions digital currencies. However, crypto coins have the potential to boost the projected numbers of people that will use e-commerce and m-commerce. There is currently no reason for crypto to be left out of this boom.

In fact, companies that adopt crypto will have a lot to gain. These coins will present new revenue streams and new opportunities for businesses. They will give them access to new customers that are in search of a place where they can spend their digital coins. Early adopters will get a lot of free press, which in essence will be free advertising.

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