Jimmy Song Platypus Labs Funding Project For Bitcoin Developers & Coders

A prevalent problem in the open source ecosystem is that developers and coders often go underpaid. This becomes a difficult situation for both coders and the open source ecosystem as the ecosystem misses out on top talent and the coders miss out on big opportunities.

Bitcoin also misses out on talented minds because of this. Jimmy Song, a well known bitcoin Core developer, plans to solve this problem by creating a revenue program for both training and paying Bitcoin developers.

Song is popular in the Cryptocurrency community for his detailed technical analysis and is now in the process of designing a laboratory to train and pay crypto developers. The project is named Platypus Labs and will support developers through a blend of residency and fellowship programs.

Primarily, it is aimed in teaching developers how to update core infrastructure that’s been often overlooked. Their residency program will be based out of San Francisco and is aimed to encourage innovation and collaboration between Bitcoin programmers.

Project Platypus Labs has its initial focus on Bitcoin Core, which is the most used Bitcoin software, but in due course will shift focus to include alt-coins as well. Even Song has a 2 day seminar titled ‘Programming Blockchain’, which forms the basis of the Platypus Labs training program. This symposium is specially developed for Python programmers who are new to Blockchain.

With the recent surge in Cryptocurrency market, the number of Blockchain jobs posted in USA rose by 207 percent within the last year. This project hopes to fill this gap of a lack of blockchain programmers. They also desire to address the funding problem for blockchain programmers as many of the early Bitcoin core developers developed the code for little or no financial gain.

The project has already amassed interest of several Blockchain Capital’s portfolio companies and venture capital firms.

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