Jimmy Wales Doesn’t Want An ICO, “We Are Absolutely Never Going To Do That, ZERO INTEREST!”

Founder of the major online source of information Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales is keeping it a non-profit. His strong opinion for the platform staying exactly as it is, comes across very clear. He will never hold an initial coin offering of any kind for the company. Cryptocurrency has simply no desirable attractions to Wales. The founder of online encyclopedia has his doubts about Wikipedia in general, instead deciding to trust his intuitions, keeping Wikipedia as an open-sourced, free & non-profit platform. His recent speech given at a blockchain event in Berlin made it clear when he stated the following:

“We are absolutely never going to do that. Zero Interest.”

Wales reason for doubting ICOs is based on 2017’s slew of scam launches responsible for millions of dollars in theft. There isn’t a reliable way yet to protect people from the slew of con-artists online, at least not one strong enough to entice Wales to start an ICO himself. He also is skeptical about cryptocurrency and the blockchain in general, seeing it as nothing more than a hype-oriented fad, unstable and too dangerous to invest his platform into.

That doesn’t mean Wikipedia won’t accept cryptocurrencies for payment. On the contrary, the online source of information accepts Bitcoin on a routine basis, collecting about $183,000 USD during the first week they accepted cryptocurrency for donations. The company has been accepting Bitcoin for nearly four years now, even though Wales is a cryptocurrency skeptic.

Is wales right to be skeptical of cryptocurrency & blockchain technology? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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