Jincor has announced that their ICO will be held between Nov 15 and Dec 30, two weeks later than initially planned. Their whitepaper, published on Oct 31, explains their business model, the market, their ICO, etc. in detail.

According to the whitepaper, the ICO was postponed by two weeks to fully comply with KYC/AML (Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering) requirements.

What Is Jincor?

Jincor is a platform that allows businesses to work with cryptocurrencies and smart contracts without any legal, technical, or operational difficulties in a cost-efficient manner. The platform is designed in such a way that businesses can reap the benefits of blockchain technology without having to develop them on their own. Jincor claims to be one of the first and few companies that allow businesses to work with both cryptocurrency and smart contract technologies by dealing with one company.

Jincor aims to build a private blockchain and a platform that is easy enough even for a tech-savvy 5-year-old to register at Jincor ecosystem, initiate a smart contract, and pay a supplier. The company’s vision of a user-friendly, legally-compliant platform seems promising enough to completely change corporate interactions, eliminate business injustice, eradicate human errors, and all-in-all make businesses from around the world closer and more efficient via blockchain technology.

Registering at Jincor.com and evaluating the benefits of the ecosystem is free, but businesses will be charged in Jincor tokens (JCR) is they want to use crypto-payments, digital verification, smart contracts, or other services provided by the company.

Jincor ICO Details

In order to further develop their platform, reach the global market, and to profit from the company, Jincor has decided to hold ICO starting Nov 15th. Investors will be able to start buying Jincor tokens (JCR) for six weeks (Nov 15- Dec 30) using ETH and possibly BTC. The price of one Jincor token during the ICO will be 1USD.

Jincor will issue 35,000,000 tokens at the ICO, which will be about 76% of total tokens.

12% of total tokens will be reserved for Jincor team, while 8% will be saved for advisors and bounty. 4% of total tokens were sold at pre-ICO sale.

Jincor tokens or JCR will be the cryptocurrency for business to use in the ecosystem.

Investors will receive the tokens in their wallets as soon their ETH or BTC transfer goes through. Transfer of JCR to other wallets will be prohibited until the end of Jincor ICO period (Dec 30)

Jincor is currently negotiating with several trustworthy and secure exchanges for JCR to be listed at. The company will announce the exchanges that will list JCR for trade druing the ICO period, and the listing will start about a month after the ICO ends.

Jincor ICO Conclusion

ICOs should be carefully studied before making investments. It is wise to invest in an ICO only after thoroughly examining the business model, market viability, and especially the people involved with the company. More information about Jincor’s business model, their plans, and the people involved can be found at their website. Detailed information on the upcoming ICO is available on their whitepaper.

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