Jizzcoins JCN

Historically speaking, we can see that the adult entertainment industry has always been a frontrunner when it comes to the adoption of new digital innovations and technologies. With an ever increasing number of viewers, this market is now set to incorporate new mediums such as VR (Virtual Reality), TeleDildonic services into its domain.

Not only that, in recent months, many crypto startups have also released ventures that aim to make payments for paid membership sites extremely streamlined (primarily via the use of crypto services).

About Jizzcoins JCN

Simply put, Jizzcoins can be thought of as “multi-purpose 18+ utility tokens” that can be used within a platform that will be designed to offer customers with a wide array of “online adult entertainment services”. In terms of the beneficiaries of this technology, these tokens will be used for making payments, trading, investing, and can be used by consumers, webcam models, studios, adult stars, or practically anyone else who works within the porn market.

In a more technical sense, we can see that Jizzcoins (Abbreviated as JCN) will be ERC20 compliant, and will be based within the Ethereum blockchain. JCN payments will be executed via the use of “smart contracts” , and will enable adult models to make money through means such as

  • media publishing
  • posting pictures, videos
  • live webcam streams

Who is Behind this Project?

According to our research, we have found that JCN is being governed by a company called “Ctrl Venture”. It is a technology startup that primarily deals with the development of “real-time communication products and services” within the adult entertainment landscape. Ctrl was founded in 2015, and comes with an ecosystem that is loaded with a:

  • Partner/affiliate program
  • Broadcasting platform
  • Digital advertising platform.

What Are the Advantages of Jizzcoins JCN?

Some of the key aspects of Jizzcoins which really make it standout inlcude:

(i) Entirely Crypto Based:

The “Ctrl Ecosystem” is one of the world’s first fully blockchain based adult entertainment platforms.

(ii) Native Wallet:

Every subscriber within the JCN system will be given access to a specialized wallet that comes packed with advanced encryption modules.

(iii) Advanced Features:

A highly underrated feature of this platform is its ability to allow of for “customized voyeur API integrations” though the use of smart contracts.

(iv) Many Revenue Streams:

Money can be made via the use of JCN in a number of different ways including image publications, video postings, live voyeur streams.

(v) Acceptance:

Jizzcoins will be used as a payment means for both consumers and advertisers, thereby eliminating the need for different currencies. Additionally, these coins will also be used to pay for models, studio partners, affiliates and integration partners

(vi) Charity:

Another overlooked aspects of this platform is its ability to streamline some of our revenue for charitable initiatives.

Jizzcoins JCN Token Details

As is clear by now, all of the payments that will take place within this system will be done through the use of “Jizzcoins”. The token will be abbreviated as JCN, and will be an ETH standard token.

In all, there will be a total of 100,000,000 JCN created, and in terms of their pricing, we can see that 1 JCN token = 0.0001ETH.

ICO Structure:

This sale period is presently underway, and will go on till the 10th of April 2018. There is a hard cap of 45,000 ETH in place, and all payments can be done via the use of crypto as well as fiat assets.

Allocation of Tokens

As per the whitepaper, the distribution of native currency will be done as follows:

  • 45,000,000 JCN will be made available to the public during the ICO phase.
  • 15,000,000 JCN will be used for the creation of a reserve fund.
  • Another 5,000,000 tokens will be used for the creation of a “content and gamification reserve” .
  • 30,000,000 JCN have been set aside for use by the founders of this company.
  • The remaining 5,000,000 JCN have been reserved for company advisors, as well as for the creation of a bounty.

Allocation of Funds

  • 15% of all collected revenue will be used for the payment of salaries (aka HR related expenses).
  • 10% of the money will be used for the development of new products within the ecosystem.
  • 7.5% of the funds have been set aside for the smooth handling of company operations
  • 10% will be used to pay for company infrastructure related expenses (i.e. cloud services, technical equipment etc)
  • 20% of the raised revenue will be used for marketing the JCN platform to a global target audience.
  • 22.5% of the money will be used to pay for content, locations, as well as for hiring models and studios.
  • The remaining 15% will be set aside for further expansion and legal costs.

For any other details regarding this platform, users can get in touch with company personnel on [email protected] Alternatively, they can also connect with the dev team via Telegram, FB, Twitter etc.

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