Jobeum refers to a digital professional network on which job-seeking candidates and recruiters can interact effectively to conduct their activities. The blockchain based platform is transparent, which removes the idea of any third party involvement. For instance, candidates are able to control who sees a particular section of their profile information.

In essence, the profile acts as a ‘digital twin’ of the user, which earns him or her JobTokens whenever part of the profile information is opened such as contact information or skills. If you are a user on Jobeum, your profile is a chief source of earning JobTokens.

Refer Candidates To Jobeum And Earn

Another exciting feature of Jobeum is the candidate referral. On the platform, you recommend a candidate for an open vacancy. When the candidate secures the job, you earn a referral bonus. As a referrer, you can do this by publishing an update, which the candidate can see, informing him or her about the job vacancy. Besides, the update is also available to the candidates’ connections and friends. If the candidate gets hired through a connection or a friend, both the original referrer and the person who connected the candidate gets a share of the referral bonus.

Confirm Your Skills And Earn Tokens On Jobeum

As a candidate on Jobeum platform, you can pass a test to confirm a particular skill that you have. When that happens, you can earn JobTokens. In addition, as a candidate, you can provide additional information to a recruiter. For example, if you give access to a private section of your profile such as project description or contact information, you earn JobTokens.

In A Normal Job Search, You May Have Various Challenges As A Candidate:

  • Hard to find a vacancy
  • Non-transparent hiring process
  • Unrealistic expectations from recruiters
  • No feedback or response
  • Biased selection process

Jobeum comes in to solve these challenges. First, the recruitment process is automated at every step using smart contracts. This makes the entire hiring process much more transparent. Secondly, the platform uses Jobeum Tokens or JBT to conduct every transaction on the platform. By utilizing the blockchain technology, the system becomes decentralized, giving all players the opportunity to have control over the activities that happen on the network.

Jobeum ICO Details

JBT tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC20 token standard.

During the ICO, purchase methods accepted will be ethereum. The price of 1 JBT = 0.001 ETH and the maximum hard cap = 600,000 ETH.

Pass A Job Interview, Get Hired, Earn Jobeum Tokens

If a recruiter publishes a vacancy and you apply for it, pass through the interview process, and get hired, you earn JobTokens from the recruiter. In the end, Jobeum serves the interest of both the candidates and recruiters equally. In most normal job searches, such interests are usually misaligned.

For example, recruiters would like to engage more potential candidates for a given position while employees holding such positions might feel irritated. Similarly, recruiters often pay high fees to access information on particular candidates who have no way of controlling what happens on their profiles.

More importantly, Jobeum is an interactive platform for a diversified user community, which includes candidates or job seekers, recruiters, referrers, sales managers, advertisers, and companies. You can read more about the specific roles of each user in the whitepaper.

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