Despite the current market conditions, one of the heavyweights in the American entertainment industry, Joe Rogan has reportedly said he firmly believes that the flagship cryptocurrency will soon be like the United States dollar bills in terms of popularity and adoption, according to reports on January 24, 2019.

Rogan's A Bitcoin Bull

Favorite American actor, comedian, and sports commentator Joe Rogan, on the latest episode (#1230) of the Joe Regan experience, took a swipe at the economic policies of the Donald Trump administration.

The ace comedian and Killer Mike of “Run the Jewel” played on the “Make America Great Again” slogan of the Trump administration telling the government

‘‘We need to make shit in America again’’.

Their discussion was centered on the economic and political situation in the United States of America, the trade war with China and its effect on the average American, the way and manner the government can further reduce poverty in the United States and bridge the gap between the rich and poor.

Rogan suddenly asked his guest at the middle of the conversation:

“How much, if any are you paying attention to things like cryptocurrencies’’?

Killer Mike responded by saying he learned about stocks from his friend, who is a DJ, and he has made significant returns on his investments since ever since.

Mike noted that he once gave his wife a small fortune as a Christmas gift one Christmas.

He continued that he did it to empower her so that she will not be entirely dependent on him, as they met when he was just a struggling rapper who distributed his CD’s all by himself.

Fascinated By The Idea Of Cryptocurrency

On the subject of Cryptocurrencies, Rogan says he's thrilled about the idea of a decentralized economy, adding that the world could be a better place if the global economy were decentralized.

‘’I’m fascinated by them. The idea of a decentralized economy. […] The amount of money that banks control. If you just stop and think about what goes on with the Federal Reserve and what goes on with all the money. And how much a dollar is worth overseas,… if there was a thing that we could all rely on that wasn’t controlled by a group of people who have a vested interest in profiting off this pile of money. If it was sort of a Bitcoin-like thing, it would be a really different world. It would be really, really different.’’

Killer Mike in his response stated that it would be a different world if there was less money in circulation.

‘’ It would. It’d be different if the world were money-less. It would be different if there were a gold standard again. It’d be a lot of differences. But the question becomes, is the banking mafia of sorts ever going to let that happen?’’.

Rogan concluded by saying that bitcoin, just like the internet is unstoppable, and lamented that he had not made a lot of money from the digital assets even though he still has about 5 BTC in his wallet.

Professional US investors are still skeptical about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Exchange Guide reported that most of them are waiting for a Bitcoin ETF before obtaining cryptocurrencies.

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