Do you know why High Yield Investment Programs (HIYPs) have such a bad reputation on the internet? Because many of them are plain scams. HYIPs offer a good and sometimes even fantastic return on investment very quickly, but many of them are tricks to take the money from investors and run away. Today we will review a HIYP, Joer Investment LTD. Will this company be trustworthy?

What Is Joer Investment LTD?

Joer Investment LTD is an investment company which have appeared on our radar. It is a very young company which was formed in 2018. This company could be classified as a HYIP, as it offers a great return on investment which can be quickly delivered.

Joer Investment Plans To Earn Bitcoin

You can invest in this company using Bitcoin. There are four different plans that you can use if you want to invest. You can generally take your money after the quantity of days of the investment is over.

  • 4% hourly for 33 hours ($4-5000 USD investment);
  • 130% profit after 1 day ($10-5000 USD investment);
  • 200% after 3 days (450-5000 USD investment);
  • 600% after 7 days (500-5000 USD investment).

Is Joer Investment LTD Paying?

Our team is not completely sure if Joer Investment is actually paying its clients of if this is one more of the scams that we have mentioned before. Because of this, there is no way to guarantee for our readers that they will really get their money back if they invest in this company, which makes it a very riskier investment than companies in which we can assure you that you are going to receive your money.

Is Joer Investment LTD Risky?

Obviously, if a company cannot be trusted to pay, it is not a good investment and a very risky one. Joer Investment LTD existed for only two days when our report was being made, so there is no way to know if a company like this will just vanish or if it will turn out to be one of those rare HYIPs which can be actually profitable for people.

The Joer Investment LTD Verdict

Our team cannot vouch for Joer Investment LTD today. This company has not proven that it can be a safe investment for our readers, so it is our duty to tell you that you might be taking a risk by investing in this company. Our blog has a large number of options for you, so feel free to pick one of them because it might be a great investment.

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