John McAfee, which you probably know because of the antivirus, McAfee, has recently released a document on his site “Currency Independence”.

The name of the article is “The Declaration of Currency Independence”. The document, as stated by its author, will be one of the first “founding documents” of a new crypto movement that is beginning to unfold.

“History may not repeat, but it certainly rhymes”

With this phrase, McAfee begins its statement about how civilization is currently under the influence of “entities” that control value via currency and how the masses are under the control of a few people and organizations.

McAfee goes on and explains that institutions now have the power to use “the stroke of a pen” to create artificial value and that this harms us all. The wealthy are protected and the poor have to accept that but, according to McAfee, cryptos can be a viable escape from this state that society is in.

The author believes that Bitcoin and other cryptos are a true store of value and that they can prove it via their “proof of math”, which is made via mining or staking. Never before the blockchain, McAfee states, there was such a shift in how value is perceived in the society and this brings new opportunities for value transfer.

Freedom From The Fiat Currency

McAfee explains that, right now, the world has the change to overcome the obsolescence of fiat currency. Instead of using paper, the cryptocurrency is a better method of accounting for the money. According to the author, value will no more be dictated by institutions, but only by people themselves.

This open letter represents a part of a bigger movement that is beginning right now of people uniting against the current financial market in order to create a better world. It can be stated that this began with Satoshi and Bitcoin, but the boom of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream is certainly helping the movement.

Will the world be changed forever? We have to wait to discover, but it is certain that now anyone can be a part of the change, as cryptos are available to any person.

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