John McAfee Makes Bold Predictions About Blockchain For Business

John McAfee About Blockchain: It Will Upend Life As We Know It

John McAfee, a strong blockchain and cryptocurrency supporter, believes that distributed ledger technology will change life as we know it. Those in the crypto and technological industries know what blockchain is and how it works, and it is already modifying the way in which enterprises and governments work.

During the last ten years, McAfee was involved in murder allegations in Belize, and tried to run as an independent candidate for the United States. But this life seemed not to be convincing him, and he finally decided to work full time on the blockchain and virtual currency world.

His most recent project is Docademic, a company that wants to provide free virtual access to doctors around the world using AI and blockchain tech. Moreover, he charges $105,000 per tweet in order to promote cryptocurrencies or similar projects.

During an interview with Entrepreneur, he talked about the future of virtual currencies, distributed ledger technology, business, and more. For example, he said that every single field of life is being enhanced and potentiated by using virtual currencies and blockchain.

About it he commented:

“In five years, there will be nothing that’s not on the blockchain. This is equivalent to when the internet first came out and companies started getting their own websites. People said, “This is a fad. It’ll never last.” Show me a single company today that doesn’t have a website. It’s going to be the same thing with cryptocurrency, but cryptocurrency, rather than enhancing existing business will totally transform them.”

McAfee explains that it is important for individuals to educate themselves and all the information required can be found on the internet. He advises to join some of the different crypto groups available and enhance the knowledge people have. Furthermore, he said that before starting any project it will always be a must to think about blockchain in the first place.

“Do not start a business thinking you’re going to create something, design it, give it to people and then have them implement it. That’s what happens now, but if you do that you will be the last in the competitive line,” Mr. McAfee explains. “The people who understand there is no oss, central authority or central design will be making hundreds of millions of dollars, and everybody else will fail,” he finished.

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