In the world of cryptocurrency, anything John McAfee posts and does is newsworthy based on the fact he has integrated himself into the community and ecosystem very well over the past few years.

But in a bizarre tweet, the first one in the past three days which if you have been following along in the year 2018 (and even 2017), it was odd for three hours to go by without McAfee posting memes, coins and futuristic predictions about the state of the industry.

But just days ago, John McAfee said he was done promoting initial coin offering token sales due to receiving SEC threats. You can read about that news here.

But just after posting that the SEC had sent him messages telling him to fine-tune his promotional tweets (once rumored to cost over $105,000 per tweet) he posted this:

Now does anyone else find this interesting in the slightest? Just days after receiving notifications that he must tune down his marketing materials regarding ICO tokens, something made him fall ill and even foul-play in that he says “my enemies managed to spike something that I ingested”.

Now, we are all for crypto-conspiracy theories (check out 21e800) and the Satoshi Nakamoto story, but what do we think about crypto-visiionres like John McAfee getting drugged up and put into the hospital just days after receiving threats from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission? We are not sure but the timing of events sure does peak one's curiosity.

What do you guys think – is there anything else to this story or did McAfee just party too hard and have to take a little R&R for this year's second half bull run?

With all of the backing McAfee has done with Docademic, maybe he should rely on their doctors like one tweeter user had to say:

All of this is beginning to be quite interesting – of course all of this started back on May 7th when the SEC and Ethereum security classification discussion started to pick up and McAfee challenged Chairman Jay Clayton to a live debate on CNN. Of course the SEC has since made the message known that ETH was not a security but still a lot of question marks remain for the industry and rest of the ICO tokens.

What do you guys think? Just grabbing for straws and headlines here or is there more to the story of John McAfee getting sick for three days and finally tweeting just days after receiving threats from the SEC. Let us know in the comments below!

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