John McAfee Puts $100,000 Bounty to Anyone Who Hacks Bitfi Crypto Wallet

Over the last year, John McAfee has extolled the virtues of the “unhackable” Bitfi wallet. Today, McAfee put his money where his mouth is by announcing a bounty for his wallet.

Anyone who hacks the wallet will receive a $100,000 bounty from John McAfee himself, according to a tweet from earlier today.

“For all you naysayers who claim that “nothing is unhackable” & who don’t believe that my Bitfi wallet is truly the world’s first unhackable device,” explained McAfee on Twitter, “A $100,000 bounty goes to anyone who can hack it. Money talks, bullshit walks.”

Details of the bounty can be found on

There are few things in the world that are truly unhackable. Many people have made similar claims over the years – only to watch their device get hacked. If you want to beat McAfee’s guarantee and claim the $100,000 bounty, then here are the rules you need to follow:

  • The Bitfi team will deposit coins into a Bitfi wallet, then ship it to anyone who wishes to participate in the bounty contest
  • If you wish to participate in the bounty, you’ll need to purchase a Bitfi wallet that is preloaded with coins at a price of $50
  • If you successfully extract the coins and empty the wallet, then Bitfi will consider it a successful hack
  • You can keep the coins and Bitfi will make a payment to you of $100,000

In other words, the challenge has a $50 entry fee. You’ll receive a Bitfi wallet filled with coins in exchange for your entry fee. The fee, according to, “is because we need to insure [sic] serious inquiries only.”

A standard Bitfi wallet is priced at $120 USD.

The wallet itself looks like a smartphone – similar in shape and design to an old iPhone. You can use the patent pending wallet to store and access multiple cryptocurrencies.

If you successfully hack the Bitfi wallet, then Bitfi “may ask you to make the process public” to alert others in the digital asset community. If you don’t follow the rules above, then it won’t be considered a successful hack.

If you wish to participate in the hacking bounty, then you can email [email protected] to get started.

Remember the CEO of the identity theft protection service who proudly published his Social Security Number online? Remember when that guy had his identity stolen 13 times in the ensuing weeks? That seems to be the usual course of events when someone claims their security system is “unhackable” to the internet. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see if John McAfee’s Bitfi wallet can survive this bounty challenge.

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