John McAfee's 2020 Presidential Candidacy Will Focus on Crypto & Blockchain Tech

John McAfee is one of the most important celebrities in the cryptocurrency world. He has been supporting the development of the ecosystem and giving his predictions about the future price of Bitcoin (BTC).

Some weeks ago, Mr. McAfee announced that he was going to run for president for the second time, after he did it for the last presidential campaign.

This time, Mr. McAfee uploaded a Twitter video where he explains that his run for the US presidency can help the cryptocurrency community. He said that he will be including as much of the crypto world as he would be able into the political process.

One of these things that he would implement would be ClearPoll. In this way, everyone would be able to vote on any issue and have the vote connected to the blockchain and verified by all.

Here is what he has to say:

People ask how my run for the presidency can help the cryptocurrency community. I’ll give you two examples here: I’ll be including as much of the crypto world as I can, into the political process.

For example, some of the first two things I will use is ClearPoll. Why? It allows anyone with a smartphone to vote on any issue and have that vote connected to the blockchain and verified by all. It allows for freedom of expression, free from manipulation of the media, and political parties. This is a tremendous benefit.

Second, Docademic, why? Look at the massive amounts of money, time and effort that was put into Obamacare, and then the same amount of effort put into unwinding it. And yet, with the blockchain, with Docademic we have free medical for everybody. Please, see how the run for president itself, not being president but the run for it, the media platform, the stage, can help us all. Now I’ll be adding as many crypto coins, as many…

At the same time, he explained that he will use a platform called Docademic because it can help to revolutionize the health care system.

Moreover, he mentioned that he will be including other cryptocurrencies to the political, social and economic life so as to improve the country. And indeed, several Twitter users are starting to pay attention to it.

All what he can do for the crypto community is important. Not even being president, he is able to put in the national agenda discussions about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The community is very excited about his candidacy and it will be generating important support everywhere around the world.

See ClearPoll's reaction here.

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