John McAfee, who recently announced his 2020 Presidential Election Run, has said that he is choosing Docademic as the healthcare basis of his presidential platform.

The Docademic platform is a healthcare service platform based on blockchain technology that is already in use in many Latin American countries. Users access this platform through the Docademic App, which uses the Medical Token Currency [MTC].

It aims to partner with healthcare institutions and governments to make MTC the preferred token for medical services. It is a bridge between doctors and patients with the sole objective of enabling premium healthcare with Electronic Health Record [EHR] and provides free access to doctors all throughout the year.

Docademic aims to solve two very important issues that the healthcare platforms face – accessibility silos and under-served markets. Accessibility silos refer to the pockets of regions that are served by hospitals, while underserved markets are markets that are not wealthy enough to support traditional healthcare services.

These problems are solved by connecting these healthcare services into a single point of access, thus directing patients to the right healthcare services.

When talking to Ran NeuNer on CNBC Africa, McAfee discussed how he first came across Docademic and explained how he had been won over by its ease of use. He had stressed that consultation was free when using the app because it is changing the world.

Healthcare, nowadays, finds it hard to reach out to remote locations, like high up in mountains. With the Docademic app, even these people can benefit from timely consultations.’

“On July 23rd something magic is going to happen. A new app will be released which will allow you to reach out – to what? To help. Psychological help.”, says McAfee. Adding, “We are talking about shit coins every day. Do you ever look in these piles of shit, for the diamonds, the gems?”

He also declared that he would be using Docademic in his 2020 POTUS campaign he is currently planning in which of course cryptocurrency will be a focal point and driver behind is support system and staff he is assembling.

What do you guys think? McAfee has short term predictions out for Docademic's MTC tokens as well as a SEC debate challenge offer where he wants to go one on one regarding initial coin offerings as securities classification or not.

With the big news about ETH not being a security this week, it will be interesting to see how the rest of the ecosystem shakes out in the coming weeks and months. Whether or not Docademic lives up to its expectations, one thing is for sure, John McAfee is a guy to follow the more you get into crypto just to see what is around and happening as many people look to leaders who are willing to vocalize their thoughts and have the intelligence to back it up.

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