John McAfee Welcomes Bitfi Wallet Feature Outing (OTG), Calls it

Computer programmer, crypto fanatic and security pioneer, John McAfee revealed on his official Twitter social media account that the Bitfi Wallet will now support Outing (OTG) feature, a community app created for decentralized, real-time events and outings as well as helping “knowing what tokens do” – which I am sure we will learn more about once released to the public. Here is the official announcement made by the crypto crusader:

The tweet reads as follows:

“We welcome Outing (OTG), the latest addition to my Bitfi wallet! There are hundreds of tokens out there, but do we know what they do? Outing has real-time functionality, anyone can relate. Think “Waze” of social entertainment and events. Prepare for the launch.”

Bitfi is a ‘brain wallet‘ that supports the storage of cryptocurrencies much like Trezor and Ledger Wallet. What, according to its creator(s), makes this respective wallet different from others is its emphasis on security (aka unhackable) and an interface that promotes ease of use.

They also ensure that private keys do not get stolen, by ridding its likes from being store. Hence, if one’s Bitfi hardware wallet does get stolen, nothing will be lost, as the private keys would have not been stored on the device. The current price of the hardware wallet is approximately $120 USD.

Many of McAfee’s followers have commented on the Tweet, with some appraising the move, while most doubting it. Here are some of the comments shared:

Richard Andrews @Richard05271450

“How can you buy any? There’s no marketplace selling them with any volume?”

CryptoBern @CryptoBern

“Real need for decentralization right there lol.”

What do you guys think of the controversial Bitfi hardware wallet for storing your cryptocurrency bags? While there is quite a bit of diverse reactions and feedback from the crypto community, how much of it can be taken at face value when most seem to focus on Mr. McAfee rather than the Bitfi wallet itself.

While there are a few concerns and most are centered around the ‘brain wallet' idea – there is a huge bounty reward for anyone who can hack it and as it stands right now – from hardware wallets, to hot, to paper to online exchanges (not recommended), Bitfi seems to be a viable option for those who want to add diversify into how they store their crypto assets.

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