John McAfee’s Bitcoin Price Prediction ($1 Million USD in 2020) Tracker Website

Site Is Created To Analyse John McAfee’s Prediction That Bitcoin Will Reach $1 Million USD in 2020

There is a chance that you might have seen John McAfee’s tweet in which he states that Bitcoin will reach the price of $1 million USD per unit until the end of 2020. Exaggeration? Our team visited (whose name is maybe a joke because McAfee said he’d “eat his dick” if he was wrong?) to know if he has any chance of being right.

The Bitcoin Price Prediction Tracker

Basically, the site has created a tracker to measure the curve in which the price of Bitcoin would have to raise if it were to reach $1,000,000 USD until the end of 2020. The graphic is interactive and you can zoom it in or out.

While it can be clearly seen that Bitcoin was way over the curve when its price rose at the end of the last year, it about $3,000 USD below the price that it would need to have in order to follow the curve right now.

The site has many parameters that it uses to calculate the curve and explains the math behind it. It is basically a parabolic curve that keeps increasing by a factor of 10.

If you look at the page, there are explanations of why the price of Bitcoin would rise (there are not enough tokens since their limit is 21 million BTC) and what could go wrong (people say that Bitcoin wastes too much electricity, people could abandon it, etc).

Will Bitcoin reach this price? Follow this site and our blog and you will know it.

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