John McAfee Makes Bold Predictions About Blockchain For Business

Because everything John McAfee does is post worthy, in his latest tweet (and there have been quite a bit of crypto-filled memes promoting any and every alt coin out there – whereas 1 tweet was rumored to have cost over $100,000 just a few months ago) he gives his short term predictions for today, tomorrow, and Thursday June 7th.

He starts off with a disclaimer saying “short term predictions are frequently meaningless in relation to the long term growth of an asset, and they encourage short term investors, which in turn encourages mediocrity. but my followers want this. so here it is”

  • ZRX (0x) = $2.90 by August 1, 2018
  • Quantstamp (QSP) = $0.50 by August 15, 2018
  • ClearPoll (POLL) = $2.40 by August 1, 2018

Whether that is true or not, he has a history of making predictions and attempting to become a crypto-prophet and make a bunch of profits for his twitter followers and fans.

Let us know your thoughts on Mr. McAfee who has had a very busy 2018 promoting and marketing cryptocurrencies online.

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