There are many limitations in today’s education system. The deficiency in the quality of education has led to international crisis of sorts. There is an urgent requirement to raise the quality of education which will increase overall knowledge of nations.

Problems like unclear policies and below standard resources have been plaguing our educational institutes. Insufficient chances and uneven distribution of opportunities might be the biggest problem in the education system. Distance is another obstacle an inconvenience for many people. Studying abroad is only an option for a privileged few.

JointEDU platform is created to eliminate the limitation of time and distance by providing a worldwide decentralized education platform.

What Is JointEDU?

JointEDU is a platform that provides opportunity to anybody to study any subject they want. JointEDU provides solutions to problems which are faced by both students and teachers. Access to knowledge and skills will not be blocked anymore. Inconvenience of currency exchange and overpriced fee will be solved by the blockchain technology implemented on the platform.

Currently, JointEDU is based in Thailand and they provide home schooling and SAT classes. They already have a fleet of experienced teachers who have overwhelming positive response from the clients. Now they plan to develop their own Video call teaching platform, and make the interface as simple, fast and reliant as possible. They are testing this system locally and will iterate changes on the model till they are launch ready. Next step will be to reach a Global user base.

JointEDU Educational Cryptocurrency Investment Features

  • Video Conference: Video conference can be held between teachers and students with minimum lag and an interactive dashboard to enhance the learning experience.
  • Q&A module: Students have access to the Q&A module to clarify their doubts on various topics.
  • Duplicity prevention: Duplicity prevention feature protects teachers from fraud.
  • Certification: Online examinations will be held which will be used to give a certificate to students. These certificates will be globally recognized and accepted.
  • Security: They have SSL passcode enabled to prevent hacking and DDoS attacks.
  • Dashboard: Students are given access to an intuitive dashboard which
  • Easy payment: Customers can register and make payment by transferring money or credit card. Crypto currency is another payment feature in their system which reduces fee and currency limitation.

JointEDU JOI ICO Details

JointEDU have planned a crowdsale for investors to invest in the token. Bringing a new token for internal trading will increase and strengthen its value. Token will be based on a standard ERC20 Ethereum platform which will send signals into Ethereum Blockchain System to track transferred token and its information.

There will be 270 million JOI tokens in the supply. 189 million tokens are for sale and 81 million of them are reserved. Pre-Sale, which is held from March 1st to April 15th will sell 50 million tokens. Crowd sale will sell 139 million tokens and will be held from 16th April to 30th June.

JointEDU Conclusion

Even though JointEDU has noble intentions to solve the education problem, their business model is pretty rudimentary as of now. Even their technology doesn’t seem up to par with the current industry standard.

If you want to invest in their token, read their whitepaper or just learn more about the product, you can visit their site

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