What Is Jointly?

The rise of the ICO in the business world attracts both big and small investors. However, in most cases, there is a massive difference in the return on investment for the two. The Jointly platform is set to help small and medium-sized investors gain from maximum returns. The platform runs on the Ethereum blockchain and will make use of direct insertion of projects through Jointly and investors get to participate through their wallets.

How Jointly Blockchain Group Investment Platform Works

According to the developers, the platform will work with the support of Ethereum, whereby users will send their ETH on the smart contract system. Once this is done, the sender's address information gets stored into the customer vector and then, later on, appears on the investment maps. Therefore, when an actual investment takes place for the ICO, the smart contract gets to store 3.5% of the total amount they receive as platform tax up to the time the tokens of the users get a release from the ICO. However, in the case where the investment doesn't go through, the users get the 3.5% back.

Furthermore, the user's typical wallet goes through smart contract management systems that work to record the user's investment and automatically redistributes tokens as per the standardized commands. The system works with the help of various features such as the Tokendistributor that initializes the variables necessary for the execution of the contracts, the callback function that accepts the Ethereum currency towards fulfilling the commitments and fund that memorizes the previous payment history for correct share allocations.

There is also the SendBackTokens feature that sends tokens back to investors basing facts on their initial investments, the reset function that automatically resets the users' investments and finally the setupNewICO that comes up with the new parameters of new ICO contracts.

Jointly Benefits

Unlike other similar platforms that allow users to install their wallets on a pc, when using Jointly, your wallet and those of other users get unique storage in the hardware wallet, which could be either the trezor/leger thus eliminating any compromising chances. Through this, get peace of mind knowing your investment is safe as the hardware wallet has a separate machine, is malware free and with zero opportunities for external software installation.

Also, the fact that the current pre-ICO and ICos platform have minimal investment requirements makes it favorable for testing the waters. According to the information on the whitepaper, users stand to get their investments back if the pre-stable outcomes don't seem satisfying. Therefore, in this case, you have nothing to lose if you decide to give it a try. You also get to enjoy full support from the Jointly team gain better bonuses, get a general view of on-platform ICOs and low costs of interaction.

Jointly Disadvantages

Although there are many other reasons as to why you should invest in this platform, developers don't seem confident about its success thus the limitations on first investments. Therefore, if you are searching for an investment with a solid foundation, this might not be for you.

Jointly JPT Token ICO Details

Jointly has scheduled a pre-ICO to start on 06/01/18 and end on 06/23/18. A month later, on 07/23/18 the main public ICO for the JPT token will begin and conclude on 08/23/18.

Allocation Of Funds

  • Marketing: 35%
  • Administrative Expenses: 15%
  • Computer Security: 25%
  • Developing Team: 15%
  • Big Bounty: 5%
  • Reserves: 5%

Jointly Conclusion

The Jointly platform operates on Ethureum and works to provide both small and medium scale Cryptocurrency investors with the value of their investment. However, we find the site unstable due to the minimal investment options, thus fund it less appealing for serious investors.

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