Europe’s beauty market generates over 100 billion Euros annually, which pretty lucrative to its stakeholders. The problem with this industry, however, is the fact that it is yet to be fully digitized. The problem with this is, the inefficiencies bring forth lots of losses in time and finances.

There’s a smart solution that is expected to digitize the industry and ensure no more resources are lost. The answer has already been tried and tested and proven to work, and the next one is simply an upgrade.

What is JOLYY?

JOLYY is a Bulgarian-based digital beauty booking portal proposed to bring the revolution aforementioned. It will be upgraded as per the blockchain technology so that it disrupts its innovative and efficient beauty booking platform. It aims to give the market a safe, trustworthy and efficient platform through which all stakeholders (both industry representatives and clients) will come together and benefit.

Can It Be a Success?

It doesn’t mean the approach JOLYY is bound to bring in the industry has never been tried before. The current providers impose exorbitant commissions while offering inferior products, much to the disappointment of their clients.

Treatwell could have been doing well, but the way it does business doesn’t resonate with the market. It finds new clients instead of serving as a platform where booking of beauty products is done. This means the entrance of JOLYY to the scene will be a huge relief to those who don’t like its forerunners like Treatwell.

Why Anyone Will be Compelled to Use JOLYY

Incredibly Low Charges

Unlike the others who charge as much as 20% (the present average in the industry), JOLYY will be charging just 1%. This meager amount will only come to implementation after the expiry of the first year when no payments are leveled – the first year is FREE of charge!

Instant P2P Payments

JOLYY tokens will allow speedy payments to sellers. Simply put, a payment made by a customer to a beauty expert or cosmetics merchant are processed at supersonic speed!

More Than An Online Store

Jolly aims to be, not just a regular store where customers book beauty products from sellers and merchants, but also offer more than that. Primarily, it will unite cosmetics experts with companies and manufacturers of these products. This will be possible via a database of vendors where affiliates of different products offer and sell items through smart contracts!

Simple, Intuitive JOLYY Mobile App

To cap off an incredible product booking experience will be a great mobile app.

About the Pre-Sale ICO, Token Usage and Allocation

  • Token sale
  • Hard cap – $7 million
  • Token identity – JOY
  • Tokens available – 30,000,000 JOY
  • 50% tokens available for pre-sale and public auction.
  • 30% – developer funds.
  • 15% – company reserve.
  • 5% bounties, advisors, and strategic partners.
  • Coins accepted Ethe and BTC
  • Minimum contribution – $5,000 worth of cryptocurrency
  • Bonus token for each purchase – 75% of the token purchased

Token will be used within the ecosystem to pay for products from the store, fund smart contracts and as bounty and rewards.

About the JOLYY Team

JOLYY is founded and backed up by Julian Urdov, a Bulgaria Analysis & Forecasting expert, Zhaniel Genev who holds a Computer Science degree and Dilyana Ivanova, Ognian Genev and Petko Petkov.

Is JOLYY ICO a Great Project?

From the way its Whitepaper expounds on this project, it seems legit, though you may need to find out more about the JOLYY ICO, including the dates. Its developers are of excellent reputation too. So, all in all, it’s an exciting project worth giving a shot!

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