Jonathan Willems' Bitcoin (BTC) & Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Comparison Infographic

Blockchain Fanatic, Jonathan Willems Unveils Yet Another Infographic Comparing Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH]

The notions of “cryptocurrencies” and “blockchain technology” still remains relatively new for consumers, as its limited uses and increasing hacks have continued to make headlines. Despite the associated negativity, many still want a platform in which they can invest their time to educate themselves on such matters.

Jonathan Willems, an individual who is passionate of the blockchain, made it his goal to help consumers understand this new market through his simple infographics. His most recent infographic compares the likes of BTC and BCH.

Based on the infographic, two sections have been created for BTC and a BTC/BCH respectively. For the most part, it appears that Willems’ outlined the key factors that represent BTC on the left side. This includes the number and size of blocks and its role to prevent any harmful attacks, mission and values, comparisons of transactions between traditional payment methods and that using BTC, and several agreements.

As for the right side, the comparison between BTC and BCH has been made, which include transactions, block size increases, how transactions are done and any attached fees. Willems also has broken down the several arguments made by critiques who are either for BCH or BTC.

Here are some examples:

“BCH is stealing bitcoin brand” vs. “Censorship in r/bitcoin and bitcointalkforum”

“BCH mining is more centralized” vs. “Bitcoin core dev team is centralized”

And the list goes on. It appears that the infographic not only addresses the purposes at hand, but also provides users with recent news regarding the two as well. To lay eyes on Willems’ infographic, go to:


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