The digital advertising turnover is estimated to hit $237 billion by the end of 2018. By 2020, the figure is expected to have hit $335 billion. However, the industry still suffers from major inefficiency and fraud. This means that about 50% of ad spend goes to waste. Improving the efficiency of this industry, which is worth $2000 billion, is the aim of the JoorsChian project. To achieve this, the project will introduce the blockchain into the world of digital advertising.

What Is JoorsChain?

JoorsChain has already been in the market for over 10 years. This is not about a business that is trying to create something new and develop a customer base. It is a company, which already has a customer base. It will only need to convert its current systems to decentralized systems.

The Issues With The Current Market

Companies have been spending more and more on digital ads with few getting any reasonable returns. Besides that, fraud is destroying the effectiveness of digital advertising. A recent report indicated that 60% of digital advertising went to Facebook and Google.

The rest of the market is filled with middlemen who usually reap about half of the money spent on ads. After that, they do not offer any revenue in return. On the issue of fraud, a report showed that $7.2 billion is lost globally to bot fraud. Only a small portion of advertisers get value for their money.

How JoorsChain Blockchain Digital Advertising System Works

The JoorsChain project will redistribute a huge part of the $200+ billion business. This is a business that is currently flooded with fraud, middlemen costs. It will help publishers, end users, advertisers, and owners of the JoorsCoin.

This will be achieved via a transparent and efficient ecosystem powered by the blockchain. There are clear benefits to be had for both sides and the end users. Businesses will get transparency on who gets their dollars. Besides that, it will lead to a single source of campaign and delivery data for all the parties. Besides that, intermediaries will get the compensation that is in line with the value they offer.

For end users, it will mean to get control of their data, which they can monetize. New business models that offer end users incentives when they interact will allow ads to be created. This will help to improve the end user privacy, which is a major issue right now.

JoorsChain JIC Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker: JIC
  • Soft Cap: 10 000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 15 000 ETH
  • Total tokens: 800 million
  • Tokens for sale: Up to 50%

Token Sale Stages

  • Pre-Seed Funding: Done
  • Private Sale: In Progress
  • Public Sale: TBA

JoorsChain Conclusion

JoorsChain is not inventing a new business. The founding companies that created JoorsChain have been in the ad market for many years. They already have a huge customer based. The only thing that will happen is that they will decentralize the underlying technology. JoorsChain has a program that will ensure that the transition is smooth. Thus, users may not even notice it when they are moved to the blockchain.

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