The Jspace is an online project that seeks to provide the world’s first space bank for secure storage of data and transactions. It will allow users to send and store their data in space away from all the laws on land restrictions and jurisdictions. This will be possible due to the usage of a satellite that will be sent to space by Jspace.

The satellite will have microcomputers that will be responsible for controlling the access of data and its storage. The microcomputers will also store the transactions that will occur via the platform. The satellite will have 5 HDD SSD, which will have 2 terabytes, making the total space of the satellite to 10 terabytes.

The satellites have a guarantee of correct functionality and maximum performance. The high standards will ensure that broadcast occur and with a bandwidth of a certain set limit.

How Does JoshuaCoin Work?

The normal FTP clients will enable users to access their data at any given time. The integrated web panel will also allow users to share data on earth. The services that the project will provide include storage and sharing of files. The maximum capacity they can store will be announced in the near future. The project will allow the users to be able to transfer and receive files from users of the platform.

Individuals can purchase one or more storage units where they will store their data safely as the system is equipped with modern security technology. The storage units are known as lots whose storage capacity is divided into 10.000 lots from one gigabyte. A single user or individual is allowed to purchase up to 49% of the total lots available.

The storage units or lots can be purchased using the project’s cryptocurrency that is known as the Joshua coin. Joshua coin is an Ethereum based token that adopts the use of blockchain technologies. It is abbreviated as JSHCN. Currently, there are 100 million JSHCN, which are available on offer. One lot can be purchased for 100,000 Joshua Coins.

The coin will allow its holders to purchase the disk storage on the first server that will be sent to space. The more coins user has the more disk space they will own.

Why Buy The Joshua Coin

Avoid Terrestrial Jurisdiction

The Joshua Coins will allow buyers to store and process their data in space. As there are no laws or jurisdictions in space, data that is store or processed in space storage units can’t be subjected to terrestrial jurisdiction and thus ensuring that user have the freedom to function or act independently.


Buyers of the coin will always be informed and be able to monitor the progress of the project during all the stages that it will undergo.

Secure Data Storage

The project will use satellites that are equipped with modern security technology that ensures all the data and transactions within it are safe and secure and can’t be accessed by unauthorized third parties.

All Inclusive

The coins can be purchase by anyone from anywhere in the world as it doesn’t have any restrictions on location of buyers.

Data Sharing

Once a user has purchase a disk space or storage unit, they can be able to share data to earth through the web panel. They can also share data with other users.

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