The world of blockchain and in particular cryptocurrency often surprises us with the number and kinds of innovations the technology seems to churn out every now and then. While the technology is still in its infancy, random developers are finding rather a novice and entertaining ways to utilize digital currency for a global audience to share in real-time. While this might seem like a cliché the next application is a sure case of just how cryptocurrency can find use cases in the most unlikely of entertainment places.

What Is Jukebox.Cash?

The mention of Jukebox.cash rings a bell to most due to the typical jukebox we are used to within the karaoke halls. However, there is a unique twist with Jukebox.cash since the application is a bitcoin-centric web platform for a global playlist. The web application features a list of video selections from the leading online video platform, YouTube. For a fraction of Bitcoin Cash, Jukebox.cash users will get to play their favorite song from the playlist provided and enjoy their favorite music collections in real-time thanks to blockchain technology’s wonderful capabilities.

How Jukebox Bitcoin Cash Based Online Music Playlist Works

Similarly, to the classical entertainment machine, the Jukebox.cash will allow for music enthusiasts to play the songs they want from the playlist on any device they would want after depositing cryptocurrency within the music web application. The user needs to only pay a small amount of Bitcoin Cash to the online jukebox and choose songs to listen to in succession. That means Jukebox.cash will allow for continuous real-time music playing, but the users can skip if they don't want a particular track.

The Jukebox Platform Layout

Jukebox.cash offers one of the most simplistic interfaces for an online jukebox as the user is not bombarded with multiple functions and buttons. For the song selection, one has to only use the plus and music button from where you can choose the videos to make up your playlist.

The center switch is for the skip button with the button allowing switching to another song if you don't favor the existing song in the play. On the left is the volume button for sound control. The far-right margin features an overview of the playlist with the queue of songs on display for the user to choose between the latest tracks in whatever genre they like.

How The Bitcoin Service Works For The Online Jukebox

Adding a track to the playlist is open through the plus and music button, where a video search bar is accessible to choose the types of songs and artists you would like to hear. Once you get the song you want, you select t it and proceed with making the payment. That will entail the user having a BCH address and scanning of the QR code for payment processing. Once settlement happens, the songs get added to the playlist using the Insttince platform that ties the music playing application to the payment service.

Jukebox.Cash Verdict

Jukebox.cash is evidence of just how cryptocurrency can fit every aspect of our lives in the most slew of examples. While Jukebox.cash may not be the first of its kind to offer an innovative music application, it is a pioneer in providing an interesting global music platform that allows participants access to all genres without much hassle.

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