Popularly known as BJJ (Blockchain Joust Jullar), this decentralized tournament serves cryptocurrency owners using blockchain technology to protect participants from unbreakable rules. There’s no exchange of chips, no middleman intervention—just participants and blockchain.

The Problem Jullar Seeks To Solve

Research reveals that 98 percent of ICOs in 2017-2018 did not meet their objectives. That is to say, they became SHITCOINS. Some projects collected money from investment-hungry men and women and then disappeared forever. At the same time, there is lack of adequate attention to verify ICO projects that promise profit. Scam projects equally lead to investors losing huge sums of money.

The JULLAR project seeks to initiate an innovative idea of collective unification to solve the problems witnessed with blockchain investments. JULLAR believes that financing of any market requires openness, transparency, fairness, and trust. The company holds the idea that moral obligation must follow the use of new and open investment technologies.

The Jullar Blockchain Platform For Companies & Investors Solution

According to their whitepaper, the JULLAR project provides users with an innovative proposal, to create a new community. The society is willing to unite and participate in the liquidation of shitcoins and to return lost money to the pockets of members who have encountered an unsuccessful investment experience. The common goal of JULLAR community is to eradicate shitcoins and to maximize the opportunity to return investments of each person who might have lost from the investment in shitcoins.

The JULLAR project gives investors the opportunity to return the money spent on shitcoins into the pocket and make a decision: either to leave the money in their pocket or to distribute it to reliable companies that show growth and effective work for the benefit of the blockchain community.

The project offers verification of ICO projects to confirm their reliability, quality of smart contracts, token economy, and other aspects. This enables them to warn investors about possible investment risks associated with the project.

Jullar Products

Global Eradication Of Shitcoins (GES)

The eradication of shitcoins program is one of the products of JULLAR project. This product involves burning of shitcoins and payment of compensation to the users involved in the loss of investment through shitcoins. The users will be rewarded for at least 0.00004 ETH per one shitcoin for the eradication of one shitcoin.


This service involves deep verification of ICO projects to confirm whether they are reliable investment projects. The product will create a rating for reliability fir ICO projects, which are on the catalog on JULLAR project.

The ICO scanning activity will provide content of the smart contracts of the ICO projects, token and crowdsale addresses, number of buyers involved in the ICO, accurate amount of fees for the sold tokens, unique investors involved and any other important information available on the blockchain on ICO projects.

Jullar JUL Token & ICO Details

The accepted currency on the network is the JULLAR token, which is used to access all the services and functionalities of the JULLAR project. The proposal for buying the JULLAR token will be published on the website jullar.io/. ICO phase 1 starts in the third quarter of 2018, which involves listing of 10 SHTC.

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