Social media network is playing a key role in present-day economies as it brings together individuals from all sets of background. However, communication via the currently available social media platform cannot be said to be complete without proper tools of use in place. We all agree that having the right communication tools plays a key role in ensuring messages penetrate to the right audience to achieve the correct impact. And it’s for that reason we need JUSTHIVE.


JUSTHIVE is an online platform that seeks to offer social media users the appropriate tools they need to pass messages across forums of their choice. The site makes use of its easy to use App to allow social media enthusiasts to interact according to their preference.

Features Of JUSTHIVE

The developers of the JUSTHIVE plan to have in place various tools to enhance user social media interaction experiences;

  • Tokens for interaction
  • Easy to use App to allow new users get about their business within a span of a few seconds
  • Tab additions to help users express themselves in a unique manner
  • Freestyle posting style that allows you post anything you want. From vblogs, blogs, reviews and much more, with no limitations
  • Interactive features to express yourself more through emoji’s, voting, heatmap and hyperlinks
  • Tiles to simplify media creation

Users can also take the leader title within their communities. There is also meaningful data collection through tile attachments.

justhive home page

How Does JUSTHIVE Work?

Users on the platform will have to invest in tokens that would expose them to various advantages. However, you will have to get the App to participate. Additionally, the platform is set to launch an internal token exchange that users will use to trade their tokens. Tokens also give access to a wide range of new features.

The platform contains the private, public and personal colonies, which require token use to request membership. However, some private colonies won’t demand tokens.  Participants can also use tokens to sell/buy digital/physical goods, as donations and to purchase premium account options.

Early token purchases also stand to gain incentives

JustHive ICO Details

The sales of the JUSTHIVE is set to take place in four stages;

  • Pre-ICO: 10th April 2018 to the meeting of Hard Cap requirements ($2.5 mm) at 60% discount and 50 Million token allocation
  • Second Pre-ICO: 2-4 weeks after the first pre-sale and end when hard cap is met($3.75mm) at 40% discount and 50 Million token allocation
  • Third Pre ICO: 2-4 weeks after second pre-sale to meeting hard cap ($5mm) at 20% discount and 50 Million token allocation
  • Fourth ICO: 2-4 weeks after third pre-sale to meeting hard cap($18.75mm) at 0% discount and 150 Million token allocation

The price for the token would be $0.125 per 1 token, with a minimum purchase of 0.2 ETH/500 tokens. The token allocation would be 65% launch, 25% reserve, and 15% founders. With a budget allocation of 2.5% Bounty, 2.5% server, 15% legal, 35% development,35% marketing and 10% admin.

JustHive Conclusion

The JUSTHIVE site seems like a great social media option for individuals seeking to communicate with like-minded individuals while earning. With the App, users can join forums, customize features, buy and sell digital goods, which is awesome. However, you should exercise caution in token buying as there are various risks involved. Either way, you can still start small and improve as you gain trust in the system.

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