Justin Sun Celebrates TRON's One Year Anniversary And Own Birthday

CEO of TRON, Justin Sun shares an emotional throwback at how far TRON’s come in what appears to be its first year of existence. In particular, he tweeted the news saying that:

“1 year ago today, I gave myself the best birthday present – launching #TRON. It’s been exactly 1 year. Looking back, it’s amazing how one simple idea took root & grew. We are now top 10 crypto, a community of 2M, bringing 100M BT users a better UX. 2018, GO #TRX! $TRX.”

While the idea behind Tron was first introduced to the general public back in July 30, 2017, it only made an impression upon the launch of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which took place two months later. At that time, each piece of TRX was going at under a cent, or approximately USD$0.0019. With its current price sitting at USD$0.0338, that’s equivalent to a ROI of 1,678%, and if investors were able to sell out at Tron’s 2018 all-time high of USD$0.25, then that reflects a ROI of 13,057.89%.

Tron’s outstanding growth was not only praised by many crypto investors but also Sun himself, who supposedly promised in May that he would bring the cryptocurrency and platform up to the 6th position. While it did, at some point, reach 6th place, Sun shared that the necessary measures will be taken to secure the spot, rather than one that is short-lived. He also believes that Tron will one day easily take over Ethereum’s transaction capacity and blockchain.

The celebration ties together a lot of events that have taken place thus far, which include Tron’s BitTorrent acquisition, an uncovered project, “Atlas”, and TVM’s beta version launch.

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